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<Sentinels> is an ultra-casual, laid back, non-raiding, social guild with approximately 50 active members (several more inactive and a whole lot of alts). We are quite selective about who joins the guild. We have a substantially higher minimum age limit than most WoW guilds as we prefer to keep the guild a child-free, omgwtfbbq!!1!!11-free, omg gief loot-free zone. The vast majority of us are older and play wow to kick back and relax after a long day at work. We also have a bit of an obsession with cake...

Guild HistoryEdit

A long time ago when the earth was born, and not long after WoW was released for the rest of the world, a group of friends met in a now-defunct guild called <The Knights of Azeroth>. TKOA was one of the largest guilds on Bronzebeard—anybody could join—and the result was a very unorganized collection of mostly small children.
The original founders of the guild decided to break off and start their own smaller guild called <Alliance Elite> in February of 2006. Alliance Elite was founded on the principles of having a laugh, enjoying the game, and good craic. After the teenage chaos of TKOA the guild skewed toward older (age 25+ players). These principles still guide Sentinels today.
After playing for several months the guild ran into some issues with bank money being stolen by a member (this was in the dark ages before there was an official guild bank). In addition to banking issues the guild was regretting its' choice of name so they opted to disband the guild.
All of the founders and most of the original guildies reformed as <Guardians> in the spring of 2006. In the era of WoW Classic (before the first expansion) we ran regular UBRS-10 runs every Friday, usually while completely pissed. We would run small, guild raids on Crossroads and Undercity, also while pissed. (You may be sensing a theme at this point in the story).
As Guardians grew, the membership changed over time. We lost some of our founding members to apathy and WoW burnout. Several members wanted to move on into more competitive raiding guilds to get higher level loot. We began to be careless with our recruiting/inviting and found ourselves with a number of guildies who acted like small children. There came a point where there were two groups of people: those who wanted to raid, and those who weren't bothered. This eventually caused the guild to split.
In late 2007 Semhirage and Ellff formed <Sentinels> with the group of guildies who weren't fussed about raiding and wanted to remain relaxed and laid back. Most of the guild members who wanted to raid found their way to <Madhouse Inmates>, a guild we had a close relationship with at the time.
So here we are three and a half years later... Sentinels. While we still do not count doing end-game raids among our objectives we are always on the lookout for those lost souls who share our ideals. after three years of playing together (four of the founders remain) we have a fair idea of who will fit it with our merry band of nutcases. If you are looking for an invite and are interrogated by one of our guild members, do not be offended. We do it to ensure that you are in the right place and that you're going to fit in with us.
If you are a new recruit, welcome and enjoy your stay. Try the cake... it's delicious!

Guild RanksEdit

Guild ranks are based on seniority, personality, cake affinity, and many other factors. In other words, rank doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot.

  • Minion
  • All members new to the guild will remain a Minion for at least a week. This is essentially a trial period where we make sure you're not dodgy and out to steel our phat lewt.
  • Radish
  • Welcome to the salad! Once young guildies have proven themselves worthy by conversing with us and not being dodgy, they will be promoted to Radish.
  • Onion
  • Onions have layers, much like ogres. We have had the opportunity to get to know and love our Onions. We help them. They help us. Everyone is happy. Whatever you do, don't eat them raw...
  • Potato
  • Potatos are the well... the meat and potatos of the guild. Potatos are long-standing, well-respected members of Sentinels (and a healthy starch as well!).
  • Chilli
  • Junior Officer.
  • Olive
  • Officer. The Sentinels olive is king among lesser fruits. Our current selection of officers have all been with the guild for at least two years. Officers are bound to do the Overlord's bidding, mediate disputes, and generally keep the guild in good running order.
  • Overlord
  • Overlady at the moment.

Guild OfficersEdit

As of October 2009

  • Cheridian
  • Cealacanth
  • Dormwood
  • Ellff
  • Hydra
  • Jayce
  • Priestson
  • Razalwadi
  • Semhirage Guild leader
  • Thanra
  • Tigerlil
  • Wiseowl

Becoming a SentEdit

We are currently quite happy with the size of our guild and are not looking to grow at this time, however, sometimes we trip across someone who may just be the greatest thing since sliced bread. We prefer people who have played with guildies before. There is no level requirement, we just ask that prospective guildies go through our somewhat intensive interview/screening process. Recruitment is not always open but folks who wish to put themselves in for consideration can self-interrogate themselves in the Self-Interrogation Room.

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