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Sentinel of the Wildwood is an exclusive hardcore Roleplaying guild on the Sisters of Elune US roleplaying server.

Overview Edit

Our members may come from disparate backgrounds, but all have one thing in common – concern for nature. This includes preserving the balance of nature, an abhorrence of wasteful destruction, and the willingness to take action to prevent destruction. However, just as wildfire is needed to make a forest healthy, it is important the individuals protecting the forest recognize creative destruction and not hinder its way. This is our primary calling beyond political boundaries, concerns of mortal factions, or our own desires. We serve whomever serves nature.

There is a second mission of the Sentinels, and this is one of patrolling the untouched and untraveled areas of wilderness to watch for signs of the Burning Legion’s return. It is imperative that we discover all their hiding places before they become too large to be reliably eliminated. If a new camp of any of the Legion’s minions or allies is discovered, the first priority is to send word. We must stand together and manage our resources well, or we will surely fall.

Guild Rules Edit

As part of the Sisters of Elune Roleplaying Guild Alliance, we hold each and every one of our members to a higher standard. These standards include:

  • Strict rules for character names.
  • Expecting players to type properly, as well as use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Expecting players to behave in a manner that properly reflects the entire guild alliance.

A full list of the guild's rules and policies can be found here: Code of Conduct

Officers Edit

Should you need to contact the Sentinels for any reason, any of the people listed here can assist you.

Arylia Wolfmoon, Voice 
She who heard the call of the Ancients. We follow her guidance.
Tashyna Rajani 
Walking amongst the wild things as one of their own.
Halvore Calderleaf  
Tracker and hunter, Halvore lends his bow to our cause.
Aren Calderleaf  
A lack of seriousness provides a counterpart to his brother's stoicism.
Cyshia Nightwhisper  
Walking the line where others fear to tread.
Seritaya Leafrunner 
Standing between her comrades and all harm.