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History Edit

Semper Danica was formed back in 2002 as a Star Wars Galaxies guild, over time the guild developed and now we have several games in which we play. Our World of Warcraft guild was formed on the European WoW launch and today we are among the oldest active guilds on Ravencrest-EU, along with a couple of other guilds like The Axemen.

We are a Social guild with PvE and PvP players that has reached a total of 200 members.

Recruitment Edit

  • Status: Closed-ish (You're allowed to apply, but only under special circumstances will you be accepted)
  • Age: 18+
  • Nationality: Danish

Note: It's required that you are Danish/Danish-speaking since this is the language used in the guild . if you apply for raiding there will be additional requirements for your character like level, gear and so on.

Raid Progress Pre-TBC Edit

We killed C'Thun in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and due to the effort required we only started in Naxxramas with Anub'Rekhan killed. One could say the the upcomming TBC killed our Naxxramas-fairytale.



Raid Progress Post-TBC Edit




Guild Guidelines Edit

Our Guild guidelines are vast, but a general Code of Conduct can be viewed here. Disputes should be handled through our officers which can be reached by the contact information below.

Contact Information Edit

Contact information for Officers/Guildmasters ingame on Ravencrest

Founder Edit

  • Wootah

Guild Masters Edit

  • Holgerdk

Officers Edit

  • Holgerdk
  • Kizza
  • Ladydie
  • Kartagg
  • Greatjustice
  • Vala

External links Edit

Semper Danica Website
Semper Danica Forums
Semper Danica Code of Conduct

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