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Seal of Fate is an English speaking European World of Warcraft guild. The guild was formed on the European server Aggramar on 22nd October 2005.

Guild Overview/History Edit

  • "Seal of Fate is a moderately casual raiding guild currently raiding in an alliance with the guild Medvedi.
  • “Seal of Fate” (SoF) was formed following the collapse of the guild “Holy Wrath” (HW). A group of members of HW left when a guild merger went wrong, several new members to that guild were immature and there was no officer presence to deal with it online, as the officers were playing too seldomly.
  • The guild is one of the older surviving guilds on Aggramar having been formed on October 22nd 2005
  • The guild originally was part of the ASGA alliance of small guilds on the server, but organically grew to the point that it became a raiding guild in its own right
  • The toll of TBC burnout however saw the raiding core of the guild reduce and they formed an alliance with the guild Medvedi to assist with progress for both guilds.

Guild progress Edit

Officers Edit

The officers of the guild are

  • Kerath (Guild Mistress)
  • Ben
  • Bran
  • Nexumbra
  • Cofba
  • Gamish
  • Gondaft
  • Hazecloud
  • Kerath
  • Onefellswoop
  • Krakov
  • Devvin

The Class leaders Edit

Each class has 2 co-class leaders, primarily these are the officers of the specific classes, or if a 2nd officer is not available then a non-officer co-class leader is chosen. Exceptions are currently Warlocks with a single class leader due to low numbers, and Shamans as the class is still new and low numbers we leave the Druid leader to cover that for now.

  • Warriors - Ben & Devvin
  • Paladins - Kerath & Saaconis
  • Hunters - Krakov & Magiere
  • Shamans - Covered by Onfellswoop
  • Druids - Onefellswoop & Stormshard
  • Rogues - Hazecloud & Hubris
  • Mages - Gamish & Gondaft
  • Warlocks - Cofba
  • Priests - Bran & Nexumbra

Guild Principles Edit

  • We are an easy going, mature guild that is aiming to tackle the end-game content in a serious way.
  • We wish to reflect the needs of members, and that may see slow evolution of the guild towards or away from a more hardcore attitude, as the core of the guild wishes, but we are always be respectful of our members who joined us when our aims were less raid focused.
  • Seal of Fate is a guild currently made up largely of end-game players and their alts.
  • We cannot offer much to non end-gamers as we raid most nights, although we do have nights off where we spend time levelling our alts together or grinding/farming/etc.
  • We don't set a minimum age requirement although we expect all guild members to act in a mature and adult way whatever your age. If you are intending to join and raid with us then we are in truth unlikely to accept you if you are under the age of 16. If you are under 16 you should not be treating the game with the level of serious commitment that is needed to make progress in end-game raiding.
  • The ability to interact with guild members in English, in a polite and considerate way is of paramount importance.
  • Whilst we accept applications from non-endgamers the guild is geared towards supporting end-level play and not as a feeder guild for the big raiding guilds.

Guild Mascots Edit

The guild has two mascots.

  • Chubby, nekkid Pink Haired Gnome Warrior
  • Jadzia, imposter to the crown, some sort of cat pet thing.

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