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Alliance 32 HistoryEdit

The name Scum came about because all four of the founding members used to belong to a medieval re-enactment group called Scum (South Coast Unaffiliated Mercenaries) We saw it as a way of paying our respects to the Medieval group Scum and also of trying to carry over the ideals that the Re-enactment group held dear, the highest priority being to have fun at all costs.

Our guild was set up by the 4 founder members - Anneka, Caradine, Pyratrix and Devastatia a small group of real life friends who wanted to quest together and help each other out. We just saw it as a way of avoiding those annoying guild invites that you get in cities, and we never had any intention at the time of opening our ranks to new recruits. It just happened that one night our membership suddenly started growing. Since then we've been amazed at how big we've become. We have many types of members including young and old spread all over Europe, we even have a website and a Facebook page now.

If you're looking for a friendly, family orientated, close knit and relaxed guild then look no further.

Alliance 32 OverviewEdit

Scum was formed October 2007 on the Server:Bronze Dragonflight Europe. We are dedicated to helping our members with difficult quests, elites and we are even taking our first steps into raiding. We recently set up a Facebook page for our members. Check out the Guild of Scum on Facebook

Alliance 32 RecruitmentEdit

Scum welcomes all ages, but prefers a mature attitude. If you think Scum is a good fit for you, you can apply by filling out an Application form or you could whisper any of the officers listed below.

Alliance 32 OfficersEdit

Guild Master


Grey Council


Grey Provosts


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