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Sauce is an Alliance Guild on the PvE Khadgar US Server, based on EST Time. Our website is Sauce Addiction. As of September 25, 2008 Sauce has completed The Burning Crusade proper by downing Illidan Stormrage. Next milestone is set at Brutallus in Sunwell Plateau.

What is the purpose of Sauce? Edit

Sauce has a single intent, and that is to enjoy raiding with players capable of progressing through the game. In order to make this happen we request what is necessary to our members, and in return with give them the best opportunity to progress with others who are as capable as they are. We bide to be fair to all members and to take every last member as a serious and competent individual. In order to maintain this trust, we are very selective of our members because of our promise to everyone who takes part in Sauce.

Members of Sauce are expected to give quite a lot to the guild as a whole, but know that they may have the same expectations of the guild.

What is Sauce's Current Raiding Schedule? Edit

Tues: 7:30p-10:30p

Wed: 7:30p-10:30p

Thurs: 7:30p-10:30p

Friday and Monday are considered optional raid nights. They will be assessed at 6:30p of those nights and raids will start at 7:00p if enough members wish to go.

What is Sauce's Recruitment Policy? Edit

New recruits will be voted in by three assigned recruitment officials. New recruits are given a one shot trial run in an instance of the individuals choosing, agreed upon by all three of the recruitment officials. All three officials must unanimously agree on the individual before they will become member It is every members obligation to find and recruit players for classes the guild needs, the officials only vote members in once they have been suggested. There is no trial period. Once you join Sauce, you are Sauce. If an individual is denied access to Sauce, a member may speak on his behalf by placing an appeal with all three recruitment officials. For an appeal to be accepted, only one of the three recruitment officials must vote on the players behalf for a new attempt. New members of Sauce receive the same benefits and fairness all of members of Sauce receive.

Why does Sauce work? Edit

We are a group of people who enjoy raiding, and enjoy teamwork. A very large part of being successful in a raid is teamwork. Much of the game content is predictable, and with enough damage, healing, and brute force (plus some exploiting, for some of those guilds out there) most content will be able to be handled with relatively no teamwork. Many of the guilds handling these encounters still consider the work they do as teamwork, but this is not entirely true. The guilds that are partially successful are usually made up of skilled members who are all doing their part as individuals.

However, this is not all that makes up teamwork. The ability to trust that the others you raid with will react in a manner that will benefit the entire group, as well as react in a way that all other members of your team can quickly and effectively adapt to is just as important as every individual. This is where Sauce expects excellence, working together to learn the ways every member plays. Learning the weaknesses of your peers classes and abilities as well as their strengths allow us to accent each other in ways that no member can do by themselves.

Sauce has moral rules? Edit

Sauce is built on Honesty and Integrity. Sauce prides itself on doing exactly what it says it will do, and following through with its intents. As a member of sauce, you accept criticism as honest advice, as well as promise to give honest advice, without malice, when others need it . When there is a tough encounter, every member of Sauce is expected to point a finger at themselves and ask "Where can I improve to make this work?" before looking for an improvement from another person.

What is the guild management system? Edit

All management of the guild is decided by all members of the guild who are logged in at the time of the final decision. There are no officers in Sauce. The recruitment officials are not officers and hold no rank above members. All major decisions will be posted on the guild website for 5 days to be voted on by members. The Guild Master retains the right to override any and all decisions that affect the entire guild. If there is a discrepancy amongst guild members that cannot be decided, any five guild members can request a decision on the matter by the guild master. The decision by the guild master is final.

What are guild raiding rules? Edit


Donations and Benefits

All members of sauce must donate 10 gold per week towards raid preparation. Gold donations must be received by Monday of every week. All donations will be updated on Tuesday night of every week on the guild website. Donations will go to supply the protection spec tanks (does not include feral tanks) with repair money on the days that they participate in a raid. However, any class (including feral tanks) who off tanks during the night will be eligible for 50% of their repair bill covered by guild donations. They will also cover the crafting of resist gear or anything fight specific needed to progress.

Extra donation money will go towards gems and enchants on gear for active raid members. Greens that drop during raid will be disenchanted and sent to the guild bank for enchanting purposes. Anyone who does not supply the weekly donation, will not raid with the guild until they have supplied the donation. Those who have no made two raids in a row will be considered for removal from the guild. Starting the raid

Anyone invited to a guild raid must come prepared with a minimum of 5 health pots/mana pots (dependent on what you use). Anyone invited to a guild raid must come prepared with a minimum of two battle and two guardian elixirs that benefit themselves, however we suggest 6 of each. If you are late to a raid, let the raid leader for that night know. If you are expected at a raid and are a no show, you will be suggested to recruitment officials for removal from the guild. Even if it is five minutes before the raid, the raid leader must be contacted.

During the raid Edit

AFK's and disconnects You are allowed five minutes of unannounced AFK. After five minutes you will be removed from the raid if there is a replacement. You are allowed 7 minutes of disconnection. If you are unable to get back on, you need to get in touch with someone who can let the raid know. Call Muzzum's cell phone, contact the raid leader, or someone who can get in touch with them. After 7 minutes you will be replaced unless you make contact, if no replacement is available you will be removed from the group anyway and assumed unable to reconnect. You are allowed announced AFK's during a raid if you ask the raid leader for it. You are not considered announced as AFK unless a raid leader uses /rw (raid warning) that you are AFK and specifies the amount of time you are expected to be gone. Announced AFK's are unfortunate, but if the raid leader deems necessary all other members are expected to respect the request as well.

Loot Edit

We are working together to build a capable raiding group, and every piece that improves a player also improves the group as a whole. Twenty-five man raids will use the suicide kings system for loot distribution.

Raid times Edit

Raid's will stick rigidly to the times posted at the top of this page. Raid ending times can be changed, only if every member of the raid agrees to stay for the extended period of time. If one member disagrees, the raid will disband and call the raid. All other members are expected to respect their fellow raiders wishes and know that they have other things in life to take care of. Raid start times are explicitly strict. You must be at the raid, in the raid, and at the instance at the starting time. Not being prepared for this will result in removal from the raid if a replacement is available. Standard raiding practices will be three hour sessions on weekdays, two hours on weekends. If you join a raid, expect to be there three hours. If you must leave a raid before time ends, you must personally find a replacement for yourself who is capable of filling your shoes. If the person who takes your place does not fulfill the groups needs for the night, you will be replaced for the next raid. Raids are expected to end on time, unless all members agree to stay for an extended period. No one is expected to stay past the raid time if they wish not to.

How does the guild bank system work? Edit

The guild bank is to be kept as slim as possible. All monies, consumables, and enchanting supplies will be sorted through and distributed amongst the guild members once a week on Monday. If you are interested in something from the bank, please post on the guild forums or contact Muzzum/Racerover for approval. If a large amount of anything is needed from the bank, please provide a small explanation about your need for it, and benefits to the guild.

Does Sauce allow alternate characters in the guild? Edit

You are allowed as many alt characters in the guild as you would like. However, alternate characters MUST be level 60 and MUST be making progress towards 70 weekly.

What is Sauce's Policy on Re-admittance Edit

If at any time, a member of Sauce chooses to leave to pursue another raiding opportunity, they should be aware that their leaving will have a serious impact on the rest of the guild. As such, they should not expect to be able to return without question should they desire to return to the guild afterwards. By leaving the guild, you are leaving a gap in the roster that will need to be actively recruited, and there may not be a spot for you should you wish to return.

Should any ex-member of Sauce wish to be re-admitted to the guild, they will do so under the under the following policies:

The individual must contact one of the three recruitment officials or the guild leader directly, and express their desire to be re-admitted to the guild and the reasons for which they should be reconsidered. The contacted official will bring the case to the others, and the individual will be voted on in the same manner as a new recruit. All three officials will need to unanimously agree before the individual will be given a second invite to the guild. If the individual is denied access, a member may present an appeal to the recruitment officials in a similar manner to a new applicant. A re-admitted individual will be added to the bottom of the Suicide Kings listing only after completing a full raid night. That individual will be ineligible to bid on loot from any downed bosses, and will be added the bottom of the listing after the night has completed. The individual will be eligible for any loot that is passed on by the other members of the raid. Should the individual leave the guild a second time, they will not be considered for readmission again.