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This article is a guild information page for Sanctuary for Old Souls of Darrowmere US.

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Alliance 32 Sanctuary for Old Souls
Name Sanctuary for Old Souls
Server Darrowmere US
Guild Level 25
Leader Clintonn
Co-GM Forbidenmstr Mashedmutton
Type PvE
Accounts 500 + Sanctuary for Old Souls @ Darrowmere

General InformationEdit

Sanctuary for Old Souls (SFOS) is primarily focus on PvE content and both casual and progression raiding. It typically has at least 2 raid teams running at any given time. New members are always welcome; there is no application to join. This guild was formed on Darrowmere. For more information you can ask any members who are online in-game to have a guild officer whisper you.

This guild was originally formed by OldSoulDK and a group of friends. Guild leadership transferred to the current guild leader Clintonn later on.  

Weekly raid scheduleEdit

Schedules vary, especially at the beginning of an expansion during progression before every boss is on farm mode and more attempts are necessary to ensure every boss is downed that week.

Guild rulesEdit

  • Keep guild chat PG-13 and take arguments to wsp.
  • No drama.
  • Be respectful to guildmates.
  • We use a NEED BEFORE GREED system for loot in our 10 man and LOOT COUNCIL for our 25 man.

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