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General InformationEdit

Sanctuary for Old Souls (SFOS) is primarily focus on PvE content and both casual and progression raiding. New members are always welcome; there is no application to join.

This guild was formed on Darrowmere, which became connected to Windrunner on Dec 23, 2013. For more information you can ask any members who are online in-game to have a guild officer whisper you.

This guild was originally formed by OldSoulDK and a group of friends. Guild leadership transferred later to Clintonn and now Occultcharms aka Morgan.  

Sanctuary for Old Souls and another Darrowmere guild named Hold the Head had a long history of partnership and friendship, so the two guilds teamed up during Warlords of Draenor to raid together. The decision was made to retire Hold the Head and bring many of its members into SFOS beginning in March 2016.   

Weekly raid scheduleEdit

SFOS does not currently have a raid team, but may form a team again after Battle for Azeroth is out. When we do have a team, it runs Normal and Heroic mode only.

Guild rulesEdit

  • Keep guild chat PG-13 and take arguments to wsp.
  • No drama.
  • Be respectful to guildmates.
  • We use a LOOT COUNCIL to distribute loot drops on our weekend raid team.

Links Edit

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