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Sanctuary is a casual guild that strives to provide a fun place to enjoy the game for its members, and support their various interests in the game.

We do have a focus on progressing in raids, as that is a popular activity. We do, however, have many people who choose to never raid and participate in other aspects of the game entirely.

Guild progress Edit

Level 85Edit

Levels 60-80Edit

As we are a casual guild that sometimes progresses slowly, we did not complete all instances when they were max-level, but we are proud of the fact that we have at least gone back to see/complete the content instead of just leaving it behind. Dates of final boss kills listed where possible. For level 80 raids, 10-mans are listed first; for the Vault of Archavon, the date is for the most recent boss.

History Edit

Sanctuary was originally the guild Starshadow, founded on Kargath at release. Due to internal difficulties after the Burning Crusade expansion, most of the leadership and members of Starshadow left and made Sanctuary, which has remained stable in the two years since.

The members of Sanctuary try to promote a friendly atmosphere. We are a casual guild that enjoys many aspects of the game. As raiding is one of those activities, it tends to take the spotlight position. But it is by no means the only activity enjoyed by Sanctuary members. The Burning Crusade helped us to find a formula that works well for us. We may some times do things slowly but we have fun doing them and meet with success in the end. It was with this mindset that we entered Wrath of the Lich King. It is how we envision to proceed into the future: having fun with each other, and remembering we're all just playing a game.

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Weekly raid schedule Edit

Runs of Icecrown (10) are individually scheduled at different times on “off-nights.”

Guild rules Edit

  • Loot is distributed in 25-mans using DKP.
  • Bidding priority in 25-mans is given to those with 30% attendence.
  • Attendence is not required, and anyone may sign up for raids.
  • Additional rules and information can be found, along with application information on our website.

Officers Edit

If you would like additional information, any of the following individuals can assist you in-game:


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