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Sanctuary is a French Horde guild on the RP-PvP Culte de la Rive noire server.

Sanctuary doesn't exists anymore... That was a nice guild, see you soon :)

Overview Edit

Sanctuary is dedicated towards end game instances without forgetting heroic instances or sometimes old instances such as Zul'Gurub or Molten Core. We recruit people with experience of the game and a connection time suitable for our raids if possible : Sanctuary is a relaxed guild. In game, you can contact Khalrog, Feyluna or Erziana for more information.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originaly named Chimère and was formed by a group of friends. Some events led to the disband of Chimère and the creation of Sanctuary. The members rapidly finished Karazhan but now we are facing a lack of members so that we can't make two groups for Karazhan. We have killed Gruul once a time with picked up raiders.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Guild Rules Edit

You can see our rules here. (Warning, it's in French, as we are a French guild)

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