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Samurai is a horde guild on Executus EU. The guild was originally well-known for having members only from Greece, since its creation in July 2006 Vanilla. In 2010, and after a break for almost 10 months, the guild reformed in Executus EU with International Players and totally different scope on the game. What didnt changed at all, was our hunger to ... rape bosses...


Lykaios / Lefteris have worked since 2000 in 2 of the biggest Gaming Communities in Greece (Gamenet, Gamecity / Filecity) and then founded which was bought 2 years afterwards from Germanos Group of Companies where he was appointed as Content Manager in the new company. As he was already a player in various communities like Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament, Quake and Battlefield through the gaming communities he worked and the gaming servers he created, he decided to create a guild in the world of Warcraft. Prior to this, he managed to play since the beta of the game on the US Servers, as a Dwarf Paladin (yes we know, bliax!!) and progress the Vanilla WoW till Nefarian and BWL.

"That period was very valuable, as i learned what were the flaws of an international big guild and also managed to have an in depth view of the whole community from my various trips abroad to cover Gaming Events like E3 at Los Angeles, GDC at Germany, Tokyo Game Show at Japan or other countries as well like UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Cyprus, etc"

Samurai created as a solid Greek Guild, in a period where Greek Hardcore guilds were very few and a national guild was very difficult to succeed (ofc nowadays, with Paragon this is not an issue anymore and well done to the guys !!) At first we played on Genjuros Server, (or we may say Greekjuros) during Vanilla WoW, up to Zul'Gurub and little Molten Core. Burning Crusade was released and we started playing as all at Karazhan Instance and started building again a raiding team. After 8-9 months on Genjuros, we decided to leave the server as the lag was very high and there was a general shortage on specific classes.At Genjuros except the Vanilla clearance of ZG and some kills at MC we managed to finish Karazhan.

We arrived on Twilight's Hammer where it was the center of Greek Guilds at that time with 3 big guilds making good progress like Order of Guldan, Circle of Nerzhul and Angels of Wrath. We continued building our Greek Guild with players and we advanced through all the instances that existed at that time (detailed kills info can be found in our Kills Section) up to Black Temple (pre-nerfed everything ofcourse).

We killed Illidan as 3rd Greek Guild (after 1 hour of the second one, Con - AOW were already defeated in progress terms since SSC) and we continued to SWP where we managed to top the first place among Greek Guilds, after our 1st Greek Kill on Brutallus.

At that time also, we managed to be the first one (and sole one till now) Greek guild that got a sponsorship agreement with Hassler & Miller, a compumputers & Electronics company in the Balcans and also Cannibal, the biggest Font Creators in Greece. In the next months, we continued kill first in Greece bosses at Naxxramas (we were moved to Karazhan as the lag was again an enemy on TH), Obsidian Sanctum, Eye of Eternity and accomplished achievements that no other Greek Guild managed to do (and few International) like Immortal.

That period, while we were playing already for 3.5 years, we started an internal talk whether its good or not to continue play as hardcore we were playing at that time. (these 3.5 years passed with many months playing 7x7 and spend 10-12 hours per raid, numbers that except the Greek First position, gave us 250 ranking among guilds in World). After some thought, Lykaios decided to stop raiding and his decision was followed by the main Raid Leader and officer of the Guild Vagouras. Lykaios thought that was not the right move to let the guild continue without them, and stopped raiding all together, kept the guild as inactive and said everyone to find a new guild.

"After 3.5 years of hardcore gaming, i thought that enough was...enough. A lot of the players were not ... students anymore, my work needed at that time more hours to spend to it and ok Greek are not Finnish to play like them. I believe trully that Finland and Greece are very different countries, i will analyse this further and with more details in the next months maybe, in a blog. We had 2 options at that time, either keep the guild with other players + raid leaders and have the opportunity for me to play in the guild as long as i want whenever i want and therefore have my loots, my epics and whatever i need and the other option to stop raiding for some time at least. I thought that leaving our child -> the guild, in other people hands at that time, was not the right thing to do, so i decided the second option was more right, and stopped everything at April 2009"

Many raiders stopped the game entirely, others joined other high end guilds or created their own.

On February 2010, we were back :) Many people that played with us all these years agreed to join me on this rebirth (reform is a better word, as guild was re-formed in a new basel. Loot Council - instead of Zero Sum DKP we were using all these years and International members). Our goal is not to play as hardcore as we played in the past, time will tell though, as end game raiding is in our blood veins

"Join me in this new era of Samurai. We play the game as a guild too long, so we can manage the Loot Council and we have seen some of the biggest bosses till now in the game. Be part of a community that likes to kill bosses and slay alliance whenever they got the chance. Experience Samurai Raiding and see how it is to play in a solid raiding guild. In the next kill, i will be in our photo, showing the world our accomplishments. Where you will be mate? Next to us, side by side or just looking the photo? Choose your destiny" 

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