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Alliance 32 Sacrificial Lambs Edit

Sacrificial Lambs is a WoW Alliance guild on the European server Trollbane. Back in the day when we started this guild, it was only for the good friends we know. But if you look at the guild today; A crazy PVP guild. There are no raiding times, or raiding days but we usually start BG premades or arrange arena teams to play. These arrangements are made on the most random times of the day. Our member count is currently: 230+ raging members, of which over 75% lvl 80. Which means we have over 175 lvl 80 characters.

The guildchat is nothing you've ever seen on this server. Crazy discussions, serious discussions, drunk talk, real life consulting, we got it all. But most importantly we all try to respect each other. This last point is important since 95.2% of our guild is gay.

We also make use of a ventrilo server.

The guild is lead by:

And of course our hidden GM:

Our team of officers / Love consultants:

Raid Progress Edit

  • Warsong Gulch: Cleared
  • Arathi Basin: Cleared
  • Alterac Valley: Cleared
  • Eye of the Storm: Cleared
  • Strand of the Ancients: Cleared
  • Isle of Conquest: Cleared

  • Blade's Edge Arena: Cleared
  • Nagrand Arena: Cleared
  • Ruins of Lordaeron: Cleared
  • The Ring of Valor: Cleared
  • Dalaran Sewers: Cleared

  • Horde Cities: Cleared

Like stated before, most of us are very active in the arena/battleground scene.

Recruitment Edit

We are currently recruiting anyone who has experience with PVP and is willing to shove his lust for PVE-EPIX aside.

You don't need uber gear to join the guild, but you got to have feeling for pvp. The honor and rating will come as you join us in our daily premades or arena teams.

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