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Sacred Silver Blades is a good aligned PvP (Player vs Player) oriented guild. We populate gaming worlds selecting servers that best support this vision. In games that involve a division of races/classes (or any other qualifier) that can be interpreted as a "good vs evil" approach we will always be the "good" side.[1]

SSB has been on the Archimonde server since release day. While not a "hardcore" guild, we are always trying to help ourselves and others advance through PvP and PvE.

Guild progress Edit

  • At this time, we are working our way through Throne of Thunder (10 man) with plans to do Siege of Orgrimmar on Flex difficulty. 

History Edit

  • 1996, the Year of the Founding

Warz invites Revenge to Neverwinter Nights on AOL and founds the Sacred Silver Blades, called SSB. By the end of the year, the guild is close to 80 members.

  • 1997, the Year of the Expansion

The guild grows to over 100 members Neverwinter Nights on AOL closes its doors in early summer SSB moves Lords of Empyria, and in the fall expands to Darksun Online as well. The end of the year sees SSB expanding into a multi-chapter guild and thriving.

  • 1998, the Year of the Coup

The LoE begins to stagnate, yet the DSO chapter is thriving by late spring. The new website, is born. Starcraft as an activity takes hold, and a chapter is temporarily formed there. The guild establishes a presence in UO on the Pacific and Great Lakes Shards. An Ultima Online chapter is consolidated in the late summer on the Great Lakes Shard. Membership presses for governing changes in the Monarchy guild structure, and a Council system is voted into place, abolishing the monarchy from SSB's structure.

  • 1999, the Year of Change

The very beginning of the year sees Lords of Empyria dumped by SSB as UO grows in popularity. An Everquest chapter is opened in March upon its commercial release. Cazic Thule is our home in EQ. The DSO chapter begins to slowly vacate, and SSB officially closes it by early summer. The Starcraft chapter is finally dropped by late summer as only a few members are still active. By the end of the year, the guild is evenly split between Ultima Online and Everquest, with over 160 members.

  • 2000, the Year that Nothing Happened

Ultima Online and Everquest continued to maintain pace for SSB, both popular chapters. Diablo II is played by a number of SSB as a side interest, and tested but denied as an official chapter.

2001, the Year of Camelot SSB was chosen as 1 of 83 guilds (out of 700) for DAOC's Guild Beta after a number of members participated in previous private betas. In October the guild officially colonizes the Bedevere server as Hibernians.

  • 2002, the Year of Outposts

The UO chapter is slowly dying with a number of GM changes early this spring. SSB remains strong in Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot this entire year. Neverwinter Nights by Bioware is released, and an outpost is opened and closed within a few months. SSB beta tests Earth and Beyond by Westwood Studios, and opens and closes and outpost here as well. In November, the UO chapter is finally closed after 4 years of life.

  • 2003, the Year of the Lightsaber

SSB began testing Star Wars Galaxies early this year, and opened a chapter on Bria when SWG released. The DAOC chapter remains strong this entire year. The Everquest chapter is closed in the late fall of this year, marking a 5 year run as SSB's longest chapter.

  • 2004, the Year of Worlds

SSB remains active in Dark Age of Camelot and Star Wars Galaxies. Some side interests are explored as potential homes, notably Lineage II and PlanetSide. Everquest II beta begins, and an SSB Chapter on the Permafrost server opens. Worlds of Warcraft beta begins, and an SSB Chapter on the Archimonde server opens. The Star Wars Galaxies outpost closes as members leave for other games.

  • 2005, the Year of the Split

SSB is active in Everquest II, and World of Warcraft. Middle-earth and Dungeons and Dragons are previewed as potential future chapters. SSB activity in Dark Age of Camelot dwindles is reduced to Outpost status. A series of events occur over a several month period, which leads to many long standing members departing. SSB Site is moved from to SSB Activity in EQII never reaches anticipated level and the Chapter officially closes in Oct. Increased interest in PvE leads to the inhabiting the Kilrogg Server in WoW. 1 guild, 1 game, 2 servers.

  • 2006, the 10th Anniversary

SSB is invited to Beta test Pirates of the Burning Sea. The PvE chapter on Kilrogg (World of Warcraft) fails to emerge and as viable option, solidifying SSB's stance as a PvP oriented guild. The Dark Ages of Camelot outpost closes as members leave for other games. SSB beta test Lord of the Rings On-line.

  • 2007, the Beginning of the Second Decade

World of Warcraft continues as an active chapter with the majority of the gaming membership residing there. Lord of the Rings On-line goes live and a small contingent of SSB makes it their home.

  • 2008, the Expansion

World of Warcraft celebrates its fourth year and remains as SSB's primary home. Many new worlds emerge; Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and a brief foray into O-Game to name a few. While there is initial interest all the new worlds, only Warhmmer Online joins WoW with an active membership going into 2009. Pirates of the Burning Sea and Lord of the Rings Online are frequented by a small contingent of SSB, but participation is extremely small

Weekly raid schedule Edit

To be posted.

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Officers Edit

For a listing of the leadership, please visit our website.