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Sacred Coven was born from a mutual passion for playing Warcraft, and the desire to create a close-knit community with a common goal : to help each other, and to succeed.

We are a moderate guild, where the focus is more on being comfortable and having an amazing gaming experience, than pressure to level or produce. We will gather and create together, hunt together, quest together, and eventually raid together. None of us are hard-core gamers, but we all have motivation to provide strong support for the Alliance.

If you have any questions that are not answered in this article, Ulan, Levis, Bit or a member will be available to answer your questions anytime via whisper in-game, or through email. Good luck to you! (in chat type "/who sacred coven" to get a list of toons who are currently on)

EDIT: Sacred Coven is no longer active. Some members still play casually on Deathwing.

Guild progress - TBC Edit

Guild Progress - PreTBC Edit

Guild Requirements Edit

  • Loyalty :
    • This will be your guild. When you join, try to view it as a commitment.
  • Participation :
    • Questing in groups, Guild Chat in-game, and posting on the forums is encouraged.
  • Sharing :
    • Share what you can from your profession with the Resource Manager, or a guild member in need.