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SWAT is a Heavy PvP oriented Guild enrolled as a part of the Horde Faction on the Shattered Halls server. This guild consists of a group of tightly knit casual gamers who put real life ahead of the game. The philosophy that drives this guild to heavily pursue PvP, most preferably open-world PvP, is that a tightly knit group decked out in green gear can overcome a group of similar size that is decked out in Epic gear obtained through heavy PvE through sheer skill, as an example that relates primarily to World of Warcraft. While the Guild Leaders of SWAT are Jagira and a close real life friend of his, the guild as a whole pretty much runs itself through the close bonds and understanding of each member that makes up SWAT. Other hobbies that various members of SWAT partake in includes trolling the Shattered Halls forums, rolling alts in the Level 10-19 Warsong Gulch bracket in Battlegroup US Retaliation, and most notably responding to other SWAT members that are being corpse camped by Alliance.

Vital Details of SWAT Edit

Guild Information Edit

Faction: Horde;
Type: Heavy PvP;
Guild Leader(s): Jagira;
Recruitment Status: Closed and extremely selective of possible candidates;
Motto(s): "SWAT pwns j00!", "Red is dead!", "SWAT TWITTERPATES YOUR FACE!!!";

The Homesite of SWAT is

History of SWAT Edit

More to be added.

Guild History Edit

More to be added.

Server History Edit

Since the release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, SWAT's presence has been established on the Shattered Halls server. While slowly working their way up to the higher levels, many members have taken part in trolling the forums by creating threads such as:
SWAT Zerrrrrrrrrrrrrg!!!
SWAT Pwns J00

Manifest Destiny vs. SWAT Edit

On April 21, 2007 at 07:39:15 AM UTC, SWAT is challenged by the now highly unpopular Beckums of the guild Manifest Destiny to a PvP skirmish. Currently, there is still an exchange of fire of words by both SWAT members and various other players of the server and Manifest Destiny members. The challenge of the PvP skirmish between SWAT and Manifest Destiny has yet to be resolved through actual combat.

On April 26, 2007 at approximately 9 PM UTC, it is believed that Beckums of Manifest Destiny deleted every thread he posted, including the thread that he issued the PvP Challenge to SWAT with. Included with the list of deleted threads was the Beckums and Shattered Halls Final Drama post. The content of this post received a lot of negative criticism, resulting in Beckums and Manifest Destiny digging themselves even deeper in a hole they were already in. However prior to the mass deletion spree, the contents of the post were already saved to the hard drive of one of the members of SWAT by the name of Wabi. Jagira promptly reposted the entire post on the Shattered Halls forums, the difference being that now the grave mistake of a thread is now forever immortalized on the server forum unless Jagira or Blizzard decides differently.

Thread(s) related to this challenge are as follows:
Beckums PvP challenge to SWAT (NOTE: Thread has been deleted by the original author.)
Beckums and Shattered Halls Final Drama post (NOTE: Thread has been reposted as was originally written, due to the original author of the post deleting his thread.)

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