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SWP is a casual gaming guild that is more of a family than a guild. We are an older group of people with an average age of about 36.

Neve is Mistress of the Pack and "mom" to the guild. We welcome all who are looking for a friendly group of people to hang out with. For more information, please contact either the guildmistress or one of the pride elders for more information in joining us!

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

In October of 1998, I sat down with K'Teak and a friend of ours named Digger in Ultima Online. We originally thought of opening a shop together and needed a house to do it in. Digger offered up the money for a small house and the shop opened a few days later. At the same time we were discussing the shop, though, the idea of a guild was discussed. We had all been in other guilds but they didn't feel right to us.

Teak and I had known each other from Star Trek RP and enjoyed the family-feel that the chat room had. We wanted to incorporate that into the guild some how. Me, being the wolf-lover I am, wanted something to do with wolves as well. So I started looking at how a pack of wolves work together.

In a pack there is an alpha-male (and sometimes an alpha-female) that leads the pack. They work together to get food for the whole pack. They help raise the pups in the pack together.

SWP was started on this philosophy. We are a family. We care about each other, not just our toons, but we as people. -- Neve

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Wednesday, 10:00 PM Server - Kara - Horseman, Moroes, Opera
  • Friday, 10:00 PM Server - Kara
  • Saturday, 10:00 PM Server - Kara
  • On nights that Kara is not scheduled, we'll be running Heroics and helping Strange Brew with their raids.

Guild rules Edit

Respect your elders, teach the young, coorperate with the pack. Play when you can, hunt when you have to, rest in between. Share your affection, voice your feelings, leave your mark.

What does this mean? Well, let's break it down, cause this is the foundation of SWP. These by-laws were put in place when the pack began. It is the reason why we have lasted for so long and why we are so much a family. And when these guidelines aren't followed, then people drift away from the pack.

1. Resepct your elders - This doesn't mean who is older, but those that are the governing body of the pack. These people make decisions for the good of the pack, not for themselves so if they ask you to do something or not to do something, it is not for their sake but for the sake of the guild as a whole.

2. Teach the young - We have always been available to our younger members, meaning those of lower level, on quests, hunts, and other things. We try our best to continue to do so, so just ask in guild chat. Please remember, though, that we all have things we would like to do so sometimes people may not have time right then to assist you.

3. Cooperate with the pack - Under NO circumstances should we put each other down, especially where skill is concerned. Yes, sometimes joking is good but if you think you would be hurt by something, don't say it to the other person. We will also not put other guilds down, EVEN HORDE/REBELS. (We know we have the best guys, after all. *grins*) This part also refers to splitting of loot. If you are in a party with other guild members, remember to share loot evenly. Also, when in parties for the purpose of completing quests, ask if other party members need the quest as well. Work TOGETHER!

4. Play when you can - Remember that our main focus is to have fun. I know sometimes guild chat can get down right um... not PG but it is there to have fun. If something offends you in chat, please let one of the higher ups know. Also, many like to go PvP. I had a blast there, even if I DO die.

5. Rest in between - SLEEP! Geez, some of you guys never seen to go to bed! hehe

6. Share your affection - Be PROUD of your guild. We are all family... a pack. When one person in the guild gains a new level and boasts about it, congratulate them! We all enjoy it when we are recognized, after all.

7. Voice your feelings - If you have a problem, question, comment, or concern, let us know! Questions not answered in guild chat might be better answered on the forum so don't be afraid to ask!

8. Leave your mark - No, this doesn't mean to pee in guild chat. This means that you should show your pride (remember, that's the last word in our name) whenever you are around other people. Let people know who we are. We pick up many new wolves this way.

Officers Edit

Guildmaster - Neve (Mom)
Raid Leader - Streeker, Snapdragon, Doric, Smokedup (on LOA)
Pride Elder - Smacki, Daelane, Qualchek, Noone, Oink, Biack, Whispah