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Horde 15 Serenity is a Horde World of Warcraft raiding guild on the Icecrown US server.

Our Mission Statement Edit

Solid raid progression is more than just showing up to fill a raid spot.
It is: being timely, coming prepared, spending time to gather needed materials, doing the research, staying calm under stress, communicating and working as a team.
If your actions are not promoting solid raid progression, you are wrong.

Raid Philosophy Edit

The number one goal of our raids is to progress as fast and efficiently as possible. To be an efficient raid, each member has to be top notch. This means that the most qualified person will get priority when forming a balanced raid. If you have an inferior talent spec (depending on your job during raids), can’t follow direction or don't pay attention you will most likely not receive a raid spot over someone who does not have the above problems.

This may sound like a strict way to go about playing a game but keep in mind, the end game of World of Warcraft is ruthless. So must we be. Still, don’t let the above description get you down, we do play this game to have a good time, we just expect a high level of skill out of our members. If you aren't performing at the level you should be, ask for help if need be and work on improving.

We do not force talent specs or attendance but we expect our members to do their primary raid role very well.

Guild Policies Edit

Alts Edit

Alts will be permitted to raid if the character is geared for the instance and is needed for raid balance. Common sense will prevail when choosing characters for raid balance.

Attendance Edit

There is no forced attendance but do not expect to get a raid spot if you come once a month and a high attendance member needs the spot.

Applying to other Guilds Edit

You will not apply to any other guilds with the Serenity tag. If you wish to apply to another guild remove yourself from the guild.

Guild Bank Edit

The guild bank collects all gold, mats, pots and dis-enchantable items from our raids. Members can request any items, materials etc. by sending an in game mail to any Council Member.

Sitting out of raids Edit

If necessary individuals may be asked to sit out in order to form a balanced raid. If asked to sit out, you are not required to remain at the zone entrance. However, you must be in touch at all times throughout the raid and must be able to zone in quickly if needed.

Drama Edit

We do not tolerate flame wars. Do not create posts or respond to posts dealing with the guild. Our progress will be reported through the website and the Icecrown raid progression thread only. Avoid guild related issues in general chat. Drama in guild chat will be dealt with swiftly as we are here to raid, not pick on each other.

The Golden Rule Edit

The Golden Rule applies at all times!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Loot Edit

Loot is of secondary concern in Serenity. It is a means to an end, and that end is being able to raid more difficult encounters. We believe that a fair distribution of loot enhances our ability to raid. The tanking classes are just as important as the healer or DPS classes.

If gear is your primary concern, Serenity is not the guild for you.

Serenity currently employs a Loot Council to distribute loot. We feel this allows fair distribution of loot, and maintains a focus on fast raid progression.

Things considered when bidding for an item:

  • Being on time for raids
  • Being present for boss kills
  • Being present for new content learning
  • Being present at the end of a raid

Note to applicants: You are allowed to ask for items but will have the lowest priority until you become a full member of Serenity.

Website Edit

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