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Founded in 1837 by British criminal, Great Grandfather Rune who (not to be confused with Lustre's father, Grandfather Rune) was incarcerated by authorities in 1825 and sent to prison on the far away continent of Australia. After arriving, he managed to build a makeshift bomb from a mixture of fecal matter and saltpeter. He broke out of his prison cell in 1830 and found himself lost in a sea of black faces. As it turns out, his prison was in close proximity to an Aborigine encampment several kilometers west of modern day Sydney. After leading several of the natives off the nearest cliff, Great Grandfather Rune decided to settle down and found a monkey farm. The farm, known locally as Rune Acres developed quite a name for itself in the area. By the time Great Grandfather Rune was 30, he had 6 children, the most famous being his young daughter, Tiffany. As legend states, one day walking home from school, Tiffany was assaulted by an Aborigine survivor. In retaliation to this attack, Great Grandfather Rune founded Rune, a society with two goals: to protect it's members, and destroy every last shred of native Australians left on this planet!


After the invention of teh internet, and later teh WoWs, Great Grandfather Rune's great great great great grandson, Xaidas, founded a virtual guild with the same title. After being sure that his family was safe, and that the remaining natives were scared out of their minds, Xaidas decided to go by the mysterious name of X. X soon became a tyrant in the raids and led Rune with an iron fist. Until of course, he was hacked. (Damn you, Dracus!) His characters were deleted, giving an upstart young lad named Contagium the opportunity to take over the guild. Leading Rune into oblivion, Contagium was soon dismounted from his seat of power when X finally had enough. Today, Rune still "raids" as they like to call it, and is a "prominent" figure on the "respectable" realm, Fai--- err, Maelstrom. He still owns the monkey farm and if you listen very closely, in between obscenities, you can hear the monkey's frolic through the banana trees. Enjoying the time they have with Rune.

Guild progress Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • 25:
    • Thursday, 8:00 PM Server - Trying to get past Lord Marrowgar
    • Sunday, 8:00 PM Server - Still trying to get past Lord Marrowgar
  • Other raids scheduled when guild members request/ at GM's disgression, entirely optional.

Guild rules Edit

  • We distribute loot via DKP.
  • Perks for raiders:
    • We are sort of a respectable guild if you don't compare us to others.
    • If you ask, you will receive a free coupon worth 1 rub-and-tug from the massage building adjacent from X's work!
    • We also like to shout profanities in vent for no reason to encourage our raiders to try their best!