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General guild information Edit


Guild Website :

Guild name : Royal Vanguard

Server: Dragonblight (EU)

Alliance side

Command structure Edit


  • Kleo / Zeldos


  • Davyna
  • Nightfalcon


  • Clea
  • Dapreachor
  • Faraday
  • Zooze

Recruitment Officer

  • Dramina

PvP Officer

  • Gigapala

Raiding Officer

  • Cellist
  • Raikage
  • Mirko

Guild ranks Edit

We have 3 ranks in guild : raider, member and casual.

  • Casual - friends and family, they cant see raids posted on in game calendar.
  • Member - all who cant raid more than 1-2 raids per week.
  • Raider - you must attend minimum 2 of these and have a valid reason not to do 3.


  • Inactive raiders/members after 2 weeks without explanation will get demote to casual.
  • Raider rank have prio on invite, then members.

Introduction and History Edit

Guild was founded by a group of Reallife friends and grew from there, adding some great people over that time. We like to think we have made our mark as one of the best and oldest casual raiding guilds on Dragonblight server. Royal Vanguard formed 5 March 2005 and some of first members are still here.

About us / Social rules Edit

Quote from the Royal Vanguard website

World of WarCraft, we feel, is an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of real life. We hope that you feel the same and enjoy the laugh, discussions, and antics we have here. With this being said, there are a few rules you must abide by:

  • 1) Do not expect a free ride. If you need help with quests (in or out of instances) you will get help. If you want some high level to run you through an instance to get an item, get a PUG.
  • 2) No cussing on Ventrilo (Vent), Guild Channel, or any other channel. Cussing makes you and the guild look bad. We have kids who play with their parents and out of respect we do not cuss.
  • 3) Ninja Looting is never tolerated. There are lots of other people just like you that are trying to get the items. Play nice and be fair.
  • 4) No spamming. That means in guild channel or any other channel. Spamming gives you and the guild a bad name.
  • 5) No selling to guild-members. If you are trying to make money, sell it in the auction house or sell it outside of the guild (i.e. trade channel or otherwise).
  • 6) We do not lend or borrow money. All of us work for what we have and everyone should do the same. We do not have problems helping people with "training" but we will not help for free.
  • 7) Although twinks do not help the guild, we do not shun them from the guild. However, twinks will not get free enchants, items, etc. "Twinking" should be done on your own time and should not interfere with other guild-members.
  • 8) Though most people have no problem making items for free, it is only polite to get the mats they need for what you want. Guild-members will never charge for labor and sometimes!
  • 9) When having issues with another player (guild member or otherwise), please come to an Officer or Guild Leader and they will do what they can to help solve the situation. Please keep the issue out of guild chat, general chat, etc.
  • 10) All members must have VENT installed. Even if you do not have a microphone for VENT, you can listen and respond via chat. It is very important to us that we communicate easily and clearly. If you would like to use our Ventrilo server for an instance run and do not have the correct rank, we will give out the Vent info only if you are doing an instance run that require better than average coordination to complete.


This guild is a fun place and we want players looking to help make it better. Show commitment and you will go far and get more. If you have read all of this and still want a place to call home, then welcome!

Recruitment / Requirements Edit

Quote from the Royal Vanguard website

If we are recruiting any classes they will be listed on home page, if your class is not listed this means recruitment is currently closed. We will consider applications by all classes, and will give you an answer as soon as we possibly can. Exceptional applications of any classes always got a very good chance. - We are looking for TEAM PLAYERS who have a positive attitude when following a strategy and remain calm and stay focused on their tasks. Players who have the aptitude to complete tasks for your class specific objectives and who have the knowledge of your character class to perform it. Players who have good attendance, meaning you can count on us and we can count on you. We don't expect 100% attendance because real life happens but we need you to communicate with us in a timely manner so we can keep the raid moving forward.

Make sure we're a guild you would actually want to be in. If you are still interested in joining Royal Vanguard and think you are the type of player we are looking for, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • All of your character's gear must be fully and correctly enchanted/gemmed
  • You must have the ability and desire to maintain at least 90% raid attendance for the duration of your trial period
  • You must have the ability and desire to maintain roughly 80% raid attendance as a full member if your trial period is successful

Application Information

  • Can take some time for us to respond to applicant. Please be patient and refrain from pestering us in-game.

We respond to all applicants on these forums. Whether we are declining your application, putting your application on hold, or accepting your application, we will respond to you. It can take few days, but you will get a response.

  • If you tend to log out in your pvp gear/spec you will need to provide a listing of your normal pve gear/spec in your application. Your gear and talent spec are both important factors in determining the success of your application. If we can't figure out which pve gear and talent spec you're currently using for raids in a reasonable amount of time, you will be declined.

Raid time

  • Sunday: 20.00-23.00
  • Monday : 20.00-23.00
  • Wednesday: 20.00-23.00
  • Thursday : 20.00-23.00

Trail period

Trail period is 2 weeks in this time we expect you to sign for raids, to participate in as many guild activities and in as many guild groups as possible. Trial period can and will be extended under certain circumstances. Applicants should be prepared to use consumables on everything we raid, no matter how trivial. Applicants should expect to sit out for progression content fairly often during their trial period.

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