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Royal Order of the Horde is a social Guild on Defias Brotherhood (EU) within the Horde faction.


It's purpose is to provide a social, friendly community of dutch players on Defias Brotherhood. Members from level 1-80 are found in Royal Order of the Horde. Senior members help the junior members answering questions about WoW, may provide a boost when needed. Frequently instances are done to aid the lower level members, and raids are undertaken by the level 70+ members. However, rules around online presence, level, or gear requirements are specifically not added to the Guild policy. Currently one ICC10 raid team is active, and a second will be formed soon. When the second team is complete, ICC25 raids will be started as well.


Royal Order of the Horde was founded as De Vliegende Hollander in 2009 by members of other Guilds on Defias Brotherhood. The idea was to have an alternative for ex-raiding guild players, who cannot or do not want to participate in Guilds with stringent rules around attendance, gear and others. As more and more Dutch players find their way to Defias Brotherhood, it was decided to establish a guild for Dutch players. Recently the name was changed to Royal Order of the Horde, as a Dutch name was found not to be in line with Blizzard policy on Guild names.


The Guild passively recruits members from all classes and races. There are no requirements on level, achievements, or experience. The main requirement is to be a social player, and guild rules are built around this.

Royal Order of the Horde are always open for new recruits to join them.

Guild LeadersEdit

  • Guild Master : Janneke
  • First Officer : Ganesh

A full list of Officers can be found in the public section of the Guild Website.

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