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Rooks is an Alliance Guild located on the RP-PVP server Twisting Nether. It is not about solely raiding, solely PvPing, or solely roleplaying, although any may be freely done by guild members, but rather to be a gathering of like-minded people. Currently the guild has finished Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, and Zul'aman, while also working on Mount Hyjal and Serpentshrine Cavern. Prior to the first expansion, the guild had cleared the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, Zul'Gurub, and Molten Core, and had also defeated Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, Ysondre, and Onyxia.

Overview Edit

Ranks Edit

Guild ranks are based upon the ranks of religious institutions generally. From highest rank to lowest, they are:

  • High Inquisitor/Holy Royal Arch—guild leaders
  • Consul—Supreme Council members
  • Executor—senior officer
  • Adjutant—full officer
  • Warden—junior officer
  • Exemplar—senior member
  • Cleric—full member
  • Acolyte—official member
  • Novitiate—recruit

The guild's leaders are currently Medduren (priest), Adorblaris (hunter), and Grelmarith (rogue).

Guild Lore Edit

From the guild's website:

Come near the end of Lordaeron and its Knights of the Silver Hand, so was it deemed sound that several shrouded orders stand to keep the blessed knowledge in the church of Lordaeron from the conflagrations of the Scourge and, later, the misguidance of the Scarlet Crusade. Their errand was concurred, by those most wise, to be one of indefinite custodianship and fostering of the “old faith” to the destiny of its people, Light carry them.

As passed the years, these unambiguous sects of wardens came to be dispersed and their introversion capital. So fell the known defining borders of jurisdiction and hierarchy amongst the orders; the operations and goals of each were known only by a select, secretive elite. After Stormwind had come to be rebuilt, inexplicably and despite the divide, there was suddenly an edict given to all operating orders that a death of the old idealism should be heralded. From its passing, it came to be understood that these orders were no longer custodians of the “old faith” but sentinels and wardens of a true political and spiritual balance across every society on Azeroth.

Here in present times, with ever watchfulness and vigilance, the orders are said to practice success in their subtle methods of regulation and control.

The following is writing sent from the master of the Northshire Chapter Shrouded Order to his Wardens:
"O, How Arthas has betrayed us and maligned the glory and good of Lordaeron! Even ourselves have we failed, for we have forgotten the Light and the purpose of the Silver Hand; some have gone to amble meaningless paths while others fall and embrace what is now a perversion of our former order, marching under the Scarlet standard.

Blinded by the brilliance of our own assumed righteousness, the cause many of us now follow has been reduced to nothing more than a curse on the name of Uther himself.

For what has been done to the vigil of truth and order that the Silver Hand once was, and to what has been done to even the philosophy of The Light itself, we now must found a new order.

Ours will be the invisible hand that works against the unjust and corrupt and the self-righteous “good.” But we will not make the mistakes of our masters, however, nor will we make the mistakes of our corrupted brethren; we will be watchful and sparing but deliberate in our actions and veiled as we conclude them.

As a matter of balance, our numbers will not just include disciples and knights of our philosophy, but the Elves of Elune, and the Earthen, and the Tinkers, and all of their kind who have been selected by The Light’s judgment as revealed to me. From scoutsmen to arcanists, to even practitioners of dark magic, the order will be formed without prejudice.

This order’s binding shall transcend all conventional politics, bloodlines and borders. The clandestine motion of our peace and balance directive shall be sustained through covert means and by all members of Azerothian society who have been chosen to contribute.

As a symbol of the divine providence that has been afforded us, we shall carry the emblem of the rook and henceforth, call ourselves Rooks."

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