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While other guilds strove to be best in class, Robot Kitten Happy Train took a different route and dedicated themselves to being downright awesome.

A Horde guild best known for their Blizzcon antics and party-down nature, RKHT is one of the oldest guilds on the Tichondrius server, created on June 19th, 2005 after having such names as Pretty Pony Princesses and the ill-fated Sparklemotion. Guild members span from hardcore to casual, PvE to PVP-centric, but all must be ready for spontaneous and often disturbing role play.

Robot Kittens have been present at every Blizzcon since its inception, and have taken to giving out party favors such as lollipops with suggestive phrases, individually-tagged RKHT tea bags, and most notably, "Please Don't Breed" condoms. At Blizzcon 2011, they converged under a homemade guild banner to spread their prophylactic message.

The Train's in-game impact has spanned from the faction-neutral Ironforge and Moonglade raves at WoW's launch, to the founder Tab's invention of the meme "Tichondrius Is Not For You." RKHT is also listed in the credits of WoW: Burning Crusade, but who looks at credits anyway?

Felicia Day herself lamented being ganked by Robot Kittens back in the day, but instead of holding a grudge, she found the name so pleasant that she named one of her early production companies "Robot Kitten Giggle Bus."

All of this information is 100% true and accurate, no matter how absurd it may seem. That's how we roll. Visit us on the web at where our forums are never used, but when they were, man, what a sight.

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