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Ritual is an Alliance PvP guild on the Dark Iron realm. We are a close group and believe that any help we give each other is for the greater good of the guild. Ritual also enjoys world PvP, arena, and battlegrounds when we are not raiding.

Ritual was formerly on Cho'gall where we had a successful run on end-game raids. Many core members have transferred realms to Dark Iron.

Ritual strives for end game content progression. We are most interested in recruiting people with experience. To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Kalencia in game.

Guild Raid ProgressEdit

World of Warcraft Classic Raids WoW Icon 16x16
Zul'Gurub clear
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj clear
Molten Core clear
Blackwing Lair clear
Onyxia's Lair clear
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
Naxxramas (original)
The Burning Crusade Raids Bc icon
Karazhan clear
Gruul's Lair clear
Magtheridon's Lair dead
Zul'Aman clear
Serpentshrine Cavern clear
Tempest Keep-The Eye clear
Battle for Mount Hyjal clear
The Black Temple clear
Sunwell Plateau clear
Wrath of the Lich King Raids Wrath-Logo-Small 10-man 25-man
Naxxramas clear clear
Vault of Archavon clear clear
Obsidian Sanctum clear clear
The Eye of Eternity-Malygos clear clear
Ulduar 7/14 5/14
Trial of the Crusader clear clear
Onyxia's Lair clear clear
Icecrown Citadel clear 11/12
Ruby Sanctum

Guild History Edit

  • Timeline
    • November 2006
      • Ritual is formed by Fembot. Charter members: Feud, Calencia, Trandith, Kirchen, Celesratrix, and Silentsoulja .
        • update 12/09: Fembot=Cuckoo, Calencia=Kalencia, Feud=Phood, Trandith=Diviacus
    • December 2006
      • Sotha join Ritual
    • January 2007
    • June 2007
      • Kratosz and Zalmon join Ritual
      • Ritual is temporarily disbanded. Members join several other guilds looking for a good fit.
    • July 2007
    • August 2007
      • Show Us Your Crits merges with Ritual
        • Members joining include:Shampain, Kyrad, Georeal, Dlumpy, Nedd, Turf, Maagneto and Nifftydubb
          • update 12/09: Shampain=Shamp, Kyrad=Kaizon, Nifftydubb=Kankles
    • September 2007
      • Saraceni joins Ritual
    • October 2007
      • Friends With Benefits merges into Ritual
      • Llina joins Ritual
      • First reported case of a Bear-on-Gren situation
      • Morph joins as Seksual
    • November 2007
      • Guild website designed by Georeal goes online
      • Reyness, Noraia, and Alarinel join Ritual
    • December 2007
      • Yith transfers to Cho'gall from Dark Iron and joins Ritual
      • Llina becomes Co-Guildmaster
      • Elly joins Ritual
      • Volva officially named Guild Fluffer
    • January 2008
      • Magtheridon defeated on the first raid, third attempt
      • One shots High King Maulgar, Gruul, and Magtheridon all in one night
      • The Lurker Below defeated on the first night of raiding SSC
        • Elly uses the terms, "gayzer" and "sprout" for the first time
      • Full Zul'Aman clear
      • New website designed by Yith goes online
      • Kyouko, Saybin(Stupidhealer), Mistrial, Stormynight, and Frosttfire join Ritual
        • "I got a knife" made official Ritual slogan
    • February 2008
    • March 2008
      • DKP system is adpoted
      • Yyrkoon joins Ritual
      • Al'ar defeated on the first night of attempts
      • Patch 2.4.0 released-Fury of the Sunwell
    • April 2008
    • May 2008
    • June 2008
    • July 2008
      • Teron Gorefiend defeated
      • Ritual squares for battle against Archimonde
        • Elly invents new phrase "HAIR BURST"
      • Humathegreat and Naia become Guild Quartermasters.
    • August 2008
      • Calencia resigns as Guildmaster
      • Llina becomes Guildmaster
      • The end of Ritual on Cho'gall
        • Members split into 3 groups
          • Original Ritual guild
          • Has a Knife guild
          • Thriller guild
    • September 2008
      • Ritual reforms on Dark Iron with Kalencia as Guildmaster
    • November 2008
      • Wrath of the Lich King Wrath-Logo-Small released
        • Midnight Best Buy release and Ritual meet-and-greet
          • Ellan wins best costume for her Night Elf Druid
      • Wowwiki Drama-Bomb of 2008
      • Maagneto-1st Ritualist to level 80. Gratz!! November 21st
    • December 2008
    • January 2009
    • February 2009
    • April 2009
    • May 2009
      • For many unexplained reasons Ritualists start leaving the guild
    • August 2009
      • Yith becomes Guildmaster simply to hold onto the Ritual name
      • Call of the Crusade patch 3.2 released
    • October 2009
      • Ritual Reborn
        • Diviacus and Phood make the first attempt to bring back the glory days of Ritual
    • November 2009
      • Ritual comes back under leadership of Kalencia
      • Active recruiting results in Ritual doubling its membership
      • Several founding members come back to Ritual
    • December 2009
    • January 2010
    • February 2010
    • April 2010
    • May 2010

Raid Policy Edit

  • It is expected that all Ritual members that would like to participate in guild raids have a raid spec. All members have DBM/BigWigs (AddOn) and KTM/Omen at the least. Some classes are required to have extra add-ons. Repairs, pots, flasks, appropriate food and punctuality are a must. Ventrilo is also a must have.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • The weekly raid schedule of 25man content is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 10man content is run on an open sign up throughout the week. Several guild leaders run on different nights. Check the guild calendar in-game for days and times.

Loot Policy Edit

  • Ritual's loot policy is currently DKP with open bids.

Applying to RitualEdit

Officers Edit

Yith, Webmaster

Leadership Council

  • Cuckoo
  • Phood
  • Dlumpy
  • Saybin
  • Owlbeback
  • Skandranon

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