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Rigor Mortis is a friendly and casual (non-rp) raiding guild.

Overview Edit

Rigor Mortis welcomes inexperienced players as long as they are willing to learn and does not force players into specific talent builds, but players may be required to go as a different speciallization to accomodate raiding needs.

Even though the guild channel is out-of-character but its members frequently engage in RP events.

Players from other guilds are welcome to join raids as long as there are free slots.

History Edit

Rigor Mortis was founded by three initial Guild Masters: Yzett, Thyplosion and Silivren. Most of the initial members were long-time playing mates of the guild masters. A while after the founding, Silivren had to leave World of Warcraft. The guild is currently lead by Thyplosion.

The objective of the guild was to re-capture the raiding experience from the member's former (and disbanded) guild named Scorn of the Elite.

The Guild is relatively new and not much historical data is available.

Guild Rules Edit

Internal fighting on /guild usually results on members being kicked from the guild. If there is a problem between members, it should be resolved in /whisper.

All opinions are valued. If a member feels like he has a suggestion to improve the guild or raid, he should whisper the guild master (or an officer) or the raid leader. The guild also has forums where opinions and other requests can be posted.

Character speccs are the responsability of the player alone. Each player selects his own specc; the guild will not enforce specific speccs on players.

Members are not prohibited from joining instances and raids from other guilds, provided those runs do not overlap the guild's.


Entrance to the guild is made via an application on the guild page or in-game talk with an officer. The applicant may then run an instance with trusted guild members to evaluate behaviour, like aggro control, panic reactions and usage of abilities. The playing style is not taken into account, as several of the guild members have "exotic" (but no less effective) playing styles.


The looting on raids is done via EPGP loot system with assistance of the EPGPLootMaster addon. Some times, if a raid member would benefit more from an item (upgrade), he gets the new item reagardless of EPGP ratio. Any loot that is not rolled is put into the Guild Vault. If it is Bind on Pickup, the item is disenchanted.

Guild VaultEdit

Items in the guild vault are for use of the guild's members. However, only Officers may withdraw items. If a member requires items from the vault, he should request it to an Officer.

Requesting items from the bank may incur a small EPGP penalty as compensation.


Raids are mostly done on weekeds. Participants on the raid must be online 30 minute before the raid starts. Those who are not online 15 minutes before the raid's starting hour are replaced. The summons start just a few minutes before the raid itself.

Usage of Companions while in raid is frowned uppon. They consume screen space and graphic resources better spent on the fights themselves.

The /raid channel is reserved for raid oriented chat and is not a place to get to know other members. Members should use the /guild channel or /whisper while outside raid for that effect.

The healers have their own chat channel where they can organize without flooding the raid channel. At the start of the raid, the leading healer will assign targets for each healer.

Moving ahead of the Tank is also criticized and often results on /rw from the raid leader.

Participants on the raid must stock up on soul shards, bullets/arrows, potions, food/water and be repaired before the summons.

Reporting Damage Meter on raid channels is seen as spamming and thus prohibited. The participant should either install a dps metter of his own or whisper another member for a report.

Healers and Tanks must have VisualHeal (or compatible addon like HealBot). Other participants should have it, but its not a requirement. All participants must have DeadlyBossMods (or similar addon like BigWigs) as well as Omen.

Due to the friendly nature of the guild, DPS performance of single members is not a reason for criticism. If the group lacks DPS for a specific raid boss, the raid is aborted in order to gear up (frequently, the guild members setup runs to gear up weaker members). In Rigor Mortis, raiding is for fun and nothing else.

Officers Edit

The guild officers take care of the guild's management and recruitment. Only proven and trusted members are given the rank of Officer and only when the need arrises.

  • Thyplosion, Wemmetje, Zomorod - Guild Masters
  • Tarwathana, Mafi, Magthir - Officers

Raid Leaders Edit

There are no specific leaders for any specific raid, so any officer can be contacted should other guilds desire a cooperative raid. Rigor Mortis can be contacted through it's web forum (public section) or in-game.

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