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Description Edit

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The Riders of the Storm are an RP guild founded by the tauren shaman by the name of Migthou and are still active to this day. Their creation was somewhere within the first few days of activity on Feathermoon which credits them to being one of the oldest guilds on the server.

Originally the in character reason for the founding of the guild was because of Migthous hate for alliance. The plan was to create an elite cavalry force to perform hit and run tactics during skirmishes.

Through the time and trails it took to find a loyal role playing basis of active members, the guild slowly changed from one planning to wreak havoc on the alliance, to a sort of family atmosphere where the members could spend their time playing the game and not have to worry about anything besides having fun. The guild channel has always been strictly in character, and the guild has an active out of character channel where several persons from other guilds choose to stay to keep in touch for varying reasons.

The guilds events are driven very much by the members volunteer efforts. Many memebers over the course of the guilds existence have volunteered to host events with varying success such as Yahovskamon's raids into Zul'Gurub

Not much has changed in regards to the out of character purposes for the guilds existence. It has been and remains a casual environment where members can pursue things in the game at their own pace. Several of the Riders were in the forefront of raiding on Feathermoon. Indeed both Kayle and Migthou raided with Hand of the Forsaken and Low Red Moon prospectively to help forge the path for PvE on the server without ever having to join a raiding guild.


The Riders were formed due to Migthou's hatred of the alliance over the loss of his family and to this day remain one of the oldest guilds founded and still in tact. Not long after the guilds conception, Bregdark, Raels, and Taun split off to form Umbral Advent.

Through time the atmosphere of the guild changed more to a family sort and after a time Migthou embraced this, hoping to instead forge a home for those that have lost their families or are outcast by their fellow Horde.

For a time in Feathermoon's history there were the existence of several anti-forsaken guilds that helped to perpetuate both descrimintation and hate for the forsaken. Many of the Riders felt distaste for thisnotion and due to their sentiment a steady flow of forsaken members made their way into the Riders ranks.

The desire to protect their fellow Horde, as racially divided as they were, was an aspect that was strong in every Rider. If there was anything from a skirmish to a large attack happening on a Horde city a Rider was there doing their best to defend until others could come to aid. With this sort of dedication it was not long before fellow Horde would salute Riders out of respect when seen on the battlefield. "Always a pleasure to see a Rider on the battlefield"-Prius of Feathermoon

Before the days of the honor system and the battlegrounds, not only were the Riders known for their willingness to defend the towns, but Migthou was known to be one of the best Horde tacticians of the time. More often than not a group of them would show up at Tarren mill under Migthou's command and repeatedly push back and alliance force that outnumbered the Horde. "I know we will always win when he is in command"-Gorgo of Feathrmoon

When the battlegrounds came into existence this reputation did not change. Several of the Riders such as Elyana and Ravalis spent a good deal of their waking hours in the battlegrounds and earned the respect of fellow Horde for their fighting prowess though the period of time that this occurred was relatively short in reference to how old the guild is.

At it's high point, the Riders were considered one of the top then most powerful guilds on Feathrmoon according to the priest Amelphia, whom had found the calculation in an online website. (The calculation being based on member activity and level)

As all guilds of a certain age tend to do, there was a large falling out of members at one point where a good portion of the active members split off to found their own guild by the name of Stonetalon Militia. Reasons giving for the split were faulty leadership though about six months after the Militia was founded it was rumored to be experiencing the same problems they had expressed distaste for in the Riders, and a year after conception the guild was disbanded.

Some of the problems caused within the Riders were leadership problems to a fault. Migthou had invested a large amount of time into the guild, in fact many officers cautioned him that he was working too hard. When the large group of members left to create the Militia it was said that Migthou became depressed and was unable to make proper leadership decisions a majority of the time.

For a year this continued until eventually Migthou left the guild to let the members sort things out. When this happened many of the older members called a meeting to decide who would be in charge and it was decided that Anj, Migthou's in character niece, would be the decided one to take over leadership of the family. Some members left in the confusion caused by Migthou suddenly leaving, but others such as Kayle stated "I will wear this tabard even if I am the last." and stayed to help form a new leadership.

The new leadership was formed with Anj as the new Guild Master and Kayle, Poyi, Gurnam, and Yahovskamon as the new officers. The new leadership sat down as discussed what would be done with those that had decided to stay. There were many things about the family, such as the very casual environment, that many of them prized and wanted to keep in tact.

Despite this period of time, the guild has since rebuilt it's numbers slowly. The new additions have provided a healthy group of core players for the guild and the recent Merge with Firebird Rising has improved that even more.

Recent EventsEdit

Because of how volunteer driven the activities of the Riders are, due to lack of time and real life issues their Zul'Gurub raid was discontinued. Even so the raid was doing very well with the limited amount of time they spent in the instance.

The Riders and Firebird Rising have recently joined their two guild together to form one entity and are a welcome addition to the family that the Riders of the Storm claim to be.

Resources Edit

Guild Website

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