This article is a guild information page for Retribution of Arathor of Sentinels US.

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Basic InformationEdit

  • Guild Contacts: Maradis, Judeanne, Berthalen
  • Website:
  • Application: Website Application, Officer In-game Interview
  • Recruitment Status: Restricted. (Check the website for more details.)
  • Requirements & Restrictions: Willingness to Learn/RP, Maturity
  • Roleplaying: Heavy
  • Guild Focus: World PvP, Roleplaying and Events, End-game Raiding (Casual), Community RP
  • Vent: Yes

Guild InformationEdit

The Retribution of Arathor is a self-governed militia within the Alliance. Named after the first great kingdom of man for its strength and unity, this force continues forward with one goal in mind: to drive the undead from the lands of Lordaeron and reclaim that which rightfully belongs to the Alliance. To them, the Scourge and the Forsaken are no different as they wage war against the undead.

With the opening of the Dark Portal, the Retribution has also begun to focus their efforts against the Burning Legion as well in the shattered world of Outlands, yet never forgetting the threat that still lies at home. With the undead gathering strength unchecked, the time for Retribution is at hand.

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