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General Information Edit

The information on this page was last updated 28th September 2010 by Sarge / Console

Officers Edit

  • Schnablo = GM
  • Shiallia = RL + Officer
  • Apacs = Officer
  • Tyrlis = Officer
  • Shgeredis = Officer
  • Ryoko = Officer

Recruitment Edit

Please visit our website for the latest information on recruitment, alternatively you may find our latest recruitment information on

Current Raid Progress Edit

Zone Progress
Icecown Citadel Heroic 9/12
Icecrown Citadel Cleared
ToC Cleared
Ulduar Cleared
Malygos Cleared
Naxxramas Cleared
Obsidian Sanctum Cleared
Black Temple Cleared
Hyjal Summit Cleared
Tempest Keep Cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern Cleared
Magtheridons Lair Cleared
Zul'Aman Cleared
Gruuls Lair Cleared
Karazhan Cleared

History of Retired Edit

Many of the members of Retired were once proud members of Lightning Strikes Twice, an Arathor guild. Following the unfortunate demise of LST which occurred early 2007, Seyler and Apacs decided to start up a new guild with the intention of giving the lost and disheartened ex LST members a new place to call home. This place would be called Retired and would be a warm and welcoming place where players could continue to live peacefully amongst others they had grown to call their friends.

The initial intentions of Retired were some what simple, a place to call home were members could group up with familiar faces and be protected from those who take pride and pleasure in spoiling other peoples evenings. This initial vision of the guild is still very true to this day. By July 2007 Retired was clearing Karazhan every reset with very few problems if any at all, so it began its journey back into the larger raid scene. For this scene had once played a major part in most of the members game time Pre-TBC.

The majority of the members have experienced encounters from all of Azeroths finest dungeons including Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj Temple and Naxxramas. So needless to say, going back to old roots wasn't foreseen as a huge obstacle. One problem Retired did envision, was the inevitable growth of the guild, should it look seriously at the 25 man raid content.

Retired were committed to being particularly careful when it came to recruitment, ensuring that any new member felt comfortable within their new surroundings, whilst also certifying the original values of the guild were held true. This methodology was and still is successful within Retired with our numbers now reaching a new high opening up 25 man content to all. A short while after the recruitment drive Retired descended upon High King Maulgar to test the water:


Retired Kill Mulgar

Needless to say Retired is very alive and kicking in every direction, with the guild growing from strength to strength every day.

How to become a member of Retired Edit

If you're a mature and friendly person who's been playing Warcraft for a while, then you may be a player Retired are looking for. Take a look around the Recruitment forum for more information, you'll find the Application Template there. Should you decide to leave an application, be sure to fill it out as plentiful as possible. The more information we are given the easier is it for us and the better it is for you!

Welcome and thank you Edit

Thanks for having a look at our wikipage and showing an active interest in Retired. If you're not looking to apply to the guild but know a few members then feel free to post a "hello" in our public forum. Friendly hellos are always welcome!

Latest kill Shots Edit

Below you can see a few of our latest kill shots, not all kill shots are included for obvious reasons:

Icecrown Citadel Edit



ToC Edit



Ulduar Edit


Yogg Saron


General Vezax




XT-002 Deconstructor

Eye of Eternity Edit



Black Temple Edit


High Warlord Naj'entus



Hyjal Summit Edit


Rage Winterchill





Lady Vashj Edit


Lady Vashj

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