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Resurrection Guild Website:

The guild has been very active on the server since retail release. Resurrection is one of a handful of original release guilds still in existence on Whisperwind/Alliance faction. Resurrection is a casual-friendly guild of mostly working adults. Our #1 priority is that real life comes first, and WoW is a game we like to play. We participate in a wide variety of game content from raiding and questing to PvP.

Resurrection is part of the SLACK multi-guild raiding alliance with Phoenix Tear, Bandits Reborn, ISCA and Crimson Knights. Prior to the release of Burning Crusades, this coalition had Molten Core on farm-status and was working on Blackwing Lair. Post-Burning Crusades, we are working on Karazhan and Gruul's Lair together.

Resurrection (alone) had Onyxia on farm status and was actively working on Zul'Gurub and AQ20. Post-Burning Crusades, we have had Karazhan teams making nice progress. We also run several Arena Teams.

Current Resurrection Contacts

Guild Leader: Kemel

Council Members: Trefal, Sabre

Officers: Dhrydan, Jeidynzon, Wayanoru


Former Guild Leaders: 1. Trefalgarr 2. Jatok 3. Puga 4. Sabre 5. Partial

Resurrection in WoW was a branch off a guild with the same name in Dark Age of Camelot. They are still very active there too on the Kay server (Hibernia faction).

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