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This article is a guild information page for Resurrection of Azgalor US.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.


Server: Azglaor

Faction: Horde


"We're an older guild with real life commitments, and aggro-generating spouses, that come before any video game. Our philosophy is the real life is always more important than WoW. You can count on us having 8-5 jobs or attending school. We're full of nerds, dorks, dweebs, and geeks; but we do have the occasional girl and wife playing. Like all things in life, we enjoy our time in WoW as well as time outside of WoW. We aren't hardcore players, and have a general feeling that the game is fun cause it's with friends. Most of our foundation is built in Colorado, horray, with most of our officers living there. We must always remember, that any member should have fun with us. And Rez will try and provide the opportunity for everyone to have fun in a guild environment." -- Jmantoo, Guild Master, circa pre-WoLT WoW

Guild Progress


Burning Crusade




Beginnings - Resurection (originally purposely misspelled with one 'r' due to a guild creation bug) got it's start from several members coming from the ashes of a guild, which is not named in the presence of Rez Members, in the springs of 2005. This formation from the broken remnants of another guild is a direct influence on the guild's name. Jmantoo (also Deadmantoo) formed up some of his friends (RL) into a raiding guild aimed at conquering Blackrock Spire, during the days of raids into LBRS and Scholo regularly. The Wenesday night raids into pre-MC instances is largely considered the high-point to much of the original Rez'ers, the venture into MC being a close second.

Founding Officers: Jmantoo (GM), Logar (Warrior), Bullhuf (Druid), Shintry (Hunter), Lucrat (Warlock), Mortem (Warlock) Drominitar (Rogue), Agradar (Priest), no Mage officer was established at that time, neither Paladins nor Death Knights were members of the Horde yet.

Other founding members: Garfeazie, Jur, Kaigor, Chowda, Keane, and others. OceansBottomNightMareBand, a Rogue and Druid only guild, is considered Rez's sister guild and are extended the full benefits of Resurection membership. Chowder, Chowdyr, and however you spell many of their names, were also original founding members of Rez.

Reformation and Raiding - As Molten Core came out and Rez expanded in size, the decision to become a 40 man raiding guild soon followed. Resurrection was reformed (spelled correctly) and an officer promotion was given out to Jur as well. The ranks of the guild expanded rapidly after that, and was known to include Kupkhaque (however you spell it), Stang, and many other WoWers that later on to build some of the best known guilds on the Kel'Thuzad server.

The main tank of the guild became Logar, who earned the trust and dedication of many members. Jmantoo and Stang were the predominant secondary tanks, with Bullhuf and Jur being humored into tanking some MC bosses as well. Healers consisted of Agradar, Deadmantoo, Bullhuf, Jur, Azaleas, and others. Noteworthy high damage dealers were Shintry, Pacex, Atan, Lucrat, Mortem, Drominitar, Lou, Kaigor, Chowders, and others.

First Collapse - Resurrection's first collapse is partly linked to a slow progression into Blackwing Lair and a direct attack from the reformation of the guild not to be said here. The spring of 06 saw many of the best raiders leave the guild, moving onto guilds further in progression. Even though Rez farmed MC, RAQ, Ony and ZG on a weekly basis; it could not stand up to the loss of raiders who desired BWL, TAQ, and ultimately Naxx elsewhere. The summer of 06 saw the first official collapse of Resurrection, which resulted in many of its founding members to take a hiatus from the game. Some of them permanently.

The Burning Crusade Era - In January of 2007, Blizzard launched the first expansion World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. With new lands to explore, weapons to loot, and levels to gain, many Resurrection alumni would return to the game or rejoin from other guilds. Once a sufficient number of members reached the new level cap of 70. Resurrection began its raiding into Karazhan a 10 player raid instance. Before too long Resurrection had mustered up enough to run two groups into Karazhan and even fostered some friendly raiding rivalry between the two teams (Phoenix? and Firebird?) to be the first through the instance. Pretty soon Resurrection moved into raiding the 25 player instance Gruul's Lair. From this point, growth and progression slowed to a point where leadership felt it best Resurrection be merged into a similar sized guild to progress on to harder raiding challenges such as SSC and TK. From here the majority of all active raiding members of Resurrection moved on to the new guild. Resurrection remained in the hands of one of Jman's alts and still was home to the non raiding alt characters of those who moved on and all those who stayed.

Eventually Jman decided to suspend his account for a hiatus and left guild control in the hands of Kaigor. Kaigor eventually disbanded the guild due to lack of interest sometime in 2009 after the release of the second expansion World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Rebirth - Lich king era Resurrection could not stand to be dead for long, Jur was allowed by Jmantoo to take the reigns and GM the guild into a reformation.

Under the leadership of Jur the guild started to rebound and with the release of Icecrown Citadel Many players came out of retirement like Shintry , Lucrat and Jmantoo. A raiding group was formed and the guild made steady progression into ICC. Eventually Jur's work schedule got the better of him and Jmantoo took back control of the guild and Rez picked up 2 solid players Myrhanni and Corridon. Steady progress was made from that point into ICC and just before the Launch of the 4.0 patch Lich King was downed, and we even got a few hard mode kills in.

Cataclysm Era At the drop of the expansion the guild quickly started leveling up and gearing for raiding BWD and BOT, but the over population and terrible uptime of Server:Kel'Thuzad had finally crossed the line. With free transfers being offered and people waiting in ques of over 2 hours it was a no brainer. The guild offically moved to Azgalor, after it had already reached level 5. But with the new found pastures of Server:Azgalor US The guild has thrived and had much success.

Weekly Raid Schedule

  • Tuesday Firelands 10 man 6:30PM MST
  • Wednesday Clean up raid 10 man 6:30pm MST
  • Sunday Guild activities BOT/BWD or guild achieve runs.

Guild Rules

  • This is a dedicated (read: not hardcore) raiding guild. We raid every week.
  • We use a need/greed roll system for the 10man instances.

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