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Respec Edit

Server: Bleeding Hollow PvP server
Faction: Horde 15 Horde

History Edit

Respec -- Formed on July 3rd 2005

They’ve been through merges and break-ups, wins and defeats, progression and regression... but Respec’s been around for a year.

Respec’s tale is not one for the faint of heart. Its creation involved a lot of politics and high emotions. However, it is the story of a band of players whose unending thirst for success and friendship pushed them above and beyond the fabric of the Bleeding Hollow community.

For most, the tale began with Nox Ordo in the early months of 2005.

Nox, like most guilds, was the culmination of several small guilds looking to pursue the end game content of Molten Core and Onyxia. It was a time when Dire Maul was in its infancy, Blackwing Lair was but a glimmer in a programmer’s eye, five-manning an un-nerfed Scholomance was considered an achievement and the Enclave frequently demolished Horde towns wearing over-powered tier zero gear.

Nox was governed by The Seven, a panel of seven officers including Enverene and Mikef.

Over the weeks of raiding UBRS and Scholo, strong friendships formed among several members. More than that, a family formed. And as the guild welcomed more new members, that family matured into a respected organization on Bleeding Hollow.

But a fire burned in the hearts of The Seven. There was much discontent among the officers concerning guild progression. The guild failed several times at trying to take down Onyxia and guild-politics threatened Nox’s very foundation. One thing was for sure, no one knew how to proceed.

Finally in the Summer of 2005, Enverene and Mikef lead a small rebellion against the remainder of The Seven. They broke off in hopes of shaping a guild better suited for raiding end-game instances.

The break-off ended with the death of Nox Ordo, which was never able to recover from the loss. The remaining Nox members scattered across the server, some going to Vae Victus, others to different realms entirely.

Those that followed Mikef and Enverene signed a new charter, one that stood for friendship as well as progression.

On July 3, 2005, Respec was born.

Within its first few months, the guild immediately began making strides. In Molten Core, Lucifron was down by September 2005 with Ragnaros dead by Christmas. Onyxia, the bane of Nox Ordo, was also killed within that span.

However, after Ragnaros, Respec entered a five-month slump. They entered Blackwing Lair in February 2006, killing Razorgore and Vael. But that’s how far they’d get.

Disagreements between officers, veterans, and members erupted by the end of March. There seeds of destruction were planted and everyone saw them grow. Several people left the guild during that time, including one of Respec’s iconic rogues, Helpy and founder Mikef. Other members followed them, fearing collapse was imminent.

Respec then absorbed Bones in an attempt to maintain its status on Bleeding Hollow. The new members' thirst for end-game content breathed new life into Respec.

It wasn’t until May 2006 when Genri arrived, a remnant of the Vae Victus/Cryptic Union merger, that the guild surged ahead. Many ex-members returned with one goal in mind: making Respec great again.

With the aid of Genri, Painbegone, and Baenre, Respec plowed all the way to Nefarian in three weeks. The guild proved to themselves and the server that could succeed through great adversity.

Today, success continues while new challenges emerge. Thus Respec remains vigilant; ready to climb the next mountain.

We are not Nox Ordo, Battleguarde or Savage Puppies. We are not Null Pointer, Big Sushi, or Mirage. We are not Bloodwinter Clan, or Bones and we are not Cryptic Union.

We are Respec and we are here to stay... unless a couple of do it from behind and backstab us dead.

Progression Edit

Molten Core - Farm
Zul'Gurub - Farm
Blackwing Lair - Farm
Lord Kazzak - Farm
Azuregos - Farm
AQ20 - Farm
AQ40 - Twin Emperors Dead on 09.11.06 C'Thun down to ~20% Phase 1
Naxx - Instructor Razuvious and Anub'Rekhan Dead

Trivia Edit

  • We have created 2x [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]
  • Communication is handled via ventrilo
  • Leadership is divided amongst Lenmey, Shuugenja, Abyssian, Srmoocow, and Yellowranger
  • Respec has created 2 High Warlords, first being Abyssian, and second being Slopps
  • Loot is distributed thru a DKP system.

See alsoEdit

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