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Overview Edit

If you would like to apply to be a member of Reported, contact Wendi, Seyonne, or Biron in game. Right now we are looking for about 10-15 more people for the Burning Crusade expansion comes out. We are looking for all dedicated members that are willing to apply.

Guild Progress Edit




Karazhan - Main

Karazhan - Optional

Karazhan - Animal Bosses (Servant Quarters)

Karazhan - Opera Event


Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Right Now we hold 2 weekly Karazhan run per week.

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a non-hardcore raiding guild.
  • If you are unable to make it for a week or more have fun.
  • We never remove people from guild. You really have to make us mad for that.
  • All members are required when we do a raid to be prepared. We have killing to do not rez's.
  • We do not use a DKP system for loot.

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