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Reloaded is a a small guild formed by by a group of IRL freinds from Sweden. It was once one of the largest horde guilds on Bronzebeard but have lived a quit life the last couple of years. Reloaded are currently recruiting members to try and kick some life into the guild again.

This guild was formed on Bronzebeard. The guild is aiming to be a mature and casual raiding guild and do not want to be a hard core guild in any way. We are currently looking for new members to form a ten man raiding team.

We only recruit mature and casual players who wants to play the game in a freindly and relaxed way. We welcome people who have a life outside Azeroth, maybe having family and a full time job to take in consideration when planning for raids.

Guild progress Edit

Nothing in modern time :)

History Edit

The guild was formed by a small group of irl freinds from stockholm, sweden. When the guild was as most active we where one of the largest and most active horde guilds on the realm. Bronzebeard have always struggled with the balanze between horde and alliance population and after a while the guild leaders decided to move the majority of players to another realm for that reason. Since then the guild have lived a quit life.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Nothing planned at present time since we do not have a raiding team yet. Recruiting is in progress. Hopefully we can raid at least two times a week when the first raiding team have been formed.

Guild rules Edit

Please read the [| guild charter] at our home page.

Officers Edit

If you want to have a chat ingame please whisper the Guildmaster Litzium.

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