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The Scryers - USEdit

Relentless is an Alliance raiding guild on the roleplaying server The Scryers. We raid four or more nights a week, host roleplaying events approximately once a month, do scheduled heroic instances at least twice a week, and world pvp unscheduled. We have members who regularly do arenas and battlegrounds, as well. We are a close guild, and consider each other close friends or family. We are currently recruiting - just stop by our website or ask one of our officers in-game for more information.

Guild Leader:Votiso
Officers:Brueyan - Raid Leader, Divine - Treasurer, Mahler - Hunter Lead, Rogosh - Tank Lead
Founders: Gabrielah, Oran, Votiso
Raid Progression:We are currently working on Naxx. For more information, see our website.
Raid Times:We generally raid end-game content on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6 pm server (Pacific Time) and on Saturday and Sunday during the day. We also have Friday Fun Runs around 6 pm server which explore Classic and BC raids.

Last Updated: January 23, 2009

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