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Roth tabard

Reign of the Horde colors

Reign of the Horde is a medium-sized Horde PvE guild on Kel'Thuzad Europe (German) with a focus on fun and game experience instead of progression.
While not that far into raid content as other guilds on the server, it has earned some recognition for often handling encounters "the RotH way" (example: 2-man-tanking all theater bosses instead of trying to CC them)

While fun still stays the main objective, the guild is now aiming at clearing BC endgame raid content.

Recruitment status Edit

Currently looking for shamans of all specs, rogues and shadow priests, and of course healers are always welcome. Prerequisites are adequate equipment and adequate participation in raids. Visit the recruitment page linked below or contact ingame: Mightyone (guild leader) or Pal (raid leader)


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