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This article is a guild information page for Redridge County College of Shadowsong US.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.

Redridge County College is a progression raiding guild that accommodates the limited availability of working adult players. The guild maintains a high standard for raiding performance but does not enforce an attendance policy. As of WotLK, the guild's raiding strategy has been to run two teams of 10-man raids on subsequent raiding days, followed by a single 25-man raid on a third raiding day. The guild uses a custom-built loot distribution system based on Need before Greed rules, with an artificial modifier.

In its name and other identifiers, the guild alludes to a fictional community college located in the Redridge Mountains. Such allusions are a sign of respect and nostalgia for the simplicity and charm of the game's original vision. Guild members do not earnestly participate in Role Playing.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

From the guild website:

Redridge County College
Its History and Origins as Told by Gentle Fathead in the High Language of the County
In 1440 Caldwel VI founded ‘The King’s College of Our Lady of Lakeshire in Redridge' and, a year later, King’s College Redridge, which was to be supplied with scholars from Lakeshire. The school was to be part of a large foundation which included a community of priests, 10 of whom were Holy, a general goods trader, and a roasting house. Provision was made for 70 scholars to receive free enchantments.
To this end Caldwel lavished on Redridge a substantial income from rollhax and a huge stores of Dried King Boletes among which were fragments of what were supposed to be the Pristine Hide of the Beat and the Gloves of Twill. He even persuaded the bishops of Redridge to grant a privilege unequalled anywhere in the Eastern Kingdoms: Redridge was to have the right to grant conjured bread to PUGs for two gold per roll.
Caldwel's close personal interest in the building led to frequent changes of plan. In 1448 the partially constructed guild hall was demolished to make way for another structure that was to be on a far grander scale. Meanwhile the accommodation for the school along the north side of School Yard was completed (1443), a single class room below (Lower School) and a large dormitory (Long Chamber) above; College Hall, where priests, warlocks, and mages could eat, was in use by 1450. Cloister Court, providing residential accommodation for warriors, hunters, and rogues, was completed about the same time. Druids were not admitted into the school until the emancipation of Pewstik the Slim from the spell of Stevens the Corrupt (1456).
Progress on the new school was, however, interrupted when the Dwarf Priest Trou was deposed in 1461 by the rival Tori the Ngry. The regents annulled all grants of lands made by the Dwarves: the College had its lands, ornaments, and relics seized by Onorais the Scarce. Tradition has it that Tori's celebrated mistress, Yugorra, interceded on behalf of the College and saved it from extinction by persuading Tori to restore some of its lands. The College was indeed saved but the greatly reduced income necessitated the abandonment of the roasting house and a reduction in the number of Dried King Boletes.
At this time, the early 1470s, the Murloc Stadium was far from finished: the stadium had no roof and the building of the bleachers had not yet commenced. A former Provost of Redridge, Bishop Nsanity came to the rescue of the College and arranged for the Murlocs to be roofed in wood and for the west end to be completed by the addition of the Gurgling Hall (1479–82). This is the Hall that we now have, a fine example of the Perpendicular Redridge style, noble in its unity and simplicity of design, but only a part of what might have been one of the largest and finest stadiums in the realm if Caldwel's plans had been fully executed.
The third side of School Yard to be completed in its present form was Greygos's Range with Greygos's Tower in the centre. It was built in 1520 by Thellia the Simple Minded whose work is also to be seen at Murloc Court. Greygos's Range provided extra accommodation for the head of the College, the Provost. The fourth side of School Yard, the west, was added by Provost Nadeen in 1665 but was rebuilt 1689–94 because it became unsafe. Its main feature is Upper School on the first floor, Redridge's second and largest classroom. In the middle of School Yard stands the fine bronze statue of the Founder in Garter Robes, Ayalla. It was erected in 1719 by Provost Jeeperick and is the work of a professional leveling service.
More than five and a half centuries after the foundation, having educated so many great men and conquered so many instances, the college has a fame that is second to none. From the 70 scholars for whom Caldwel provided, the school has expanded to about 16 unique characters from 13 to 60. The scholars are admitted by competitive examination and ability to stand without jumping. The remainder, known as 'Noobers' are distributed between 24 boys’ houses. Besides a large part-time staff of alts, there are 8 masters and there is a Governing Body composed of a resident Provost and Vice-Provost together with 10 non-resident lay Fellows, successors from 1869 of the 10 priest-Fellows of the original Intrepid Clan.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Runs will be 10- or 25-man depending on holidays and raid attendance. Preference is given to 25-man ICC.

Alt runs or impromptu runs form all the time, and are generally available to the guild, but are not "official" guild runs.

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a casual/progression hybrid guild
    • Attendance is requested, but not mandatory
    • Students are given priority over Frosh when developing rosters
    • Sign-ups are handled through in-game calendar system
    • Members are expected to understand the fights BEFORE the raid begins
  • Once signed up you must notify the guild ASAP if you have a pressing issue that will prevent you from attending
  • We use a "Need before Greed" loot system, with modifications
    • Tokens/Marks are on their own loot table
    • 2-week loot table kept to prevent people from taking items over others who have not received anything
    • Must link item being replaced. If others' need is far greater you should pass to your guildmate

Officers Edit

Include a list of people in charge of the guild that others should get in touch with if interested in contacting the guild for any reason. Optionally, you can include their title and a short summary of their responsibilities.

Stevens, Dean 
Sophist, Professor 
Valdor, Professor 
Abbey, Professor 
Ninevrise, Professor 
Peterman, Professor