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Redemption is a Horde raiding guild on the Hydraxis server.

Overview Edit

Redemption was formed on June 24, 2007. The guild is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only accept members who are serious about raiding. To fill out an application please visit For more information you can contact one of our officers: Covenant, Tragik, Evithia, Roal, Azin, Lonawne, or Bolddisdain in game.

Guild Progress Edit

Burning Crusade (as of 6/19/2008)

10-Man Raids Edit



25-Man Raids Edit

Gruul's Lair

Magtheridon's Lair

Tempest Keep

Serpentshrine Cavern

Mount Hyjal

Black Temple

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Covenant and a group of friends from a previous guild. All of the founding members had a strong desire to raid and conquer end game content.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Redemption is currently running 25-man raids four nights a week. We have cleared all Tier 4, 5, and 6 instances, including: Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Mount Hyjal, and Black Temple. We are now focused on gearing up and progressing through the Sunwell Plateau.

Raid Nights:

  • Monday: 6pm-10pm CST
  • Tuesday: 6pm-10pm CST
  • Wednesday: 6pm-10pm CST
  • Thursday: 6pm-10pm CST

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a raiding guild as such every person is expected to be able to come to as many raids as they possibly can.
  • All members are required to be on time for the scheduled raid, be fully repaired, and bring the required reagents, potions, poisons, etc. that are needed by their class.
  • All members are required to install any addons needed for raiding.
  • All members MUST have Ventrilo. A microphone is not necessary, but you must be able to listen to instructions given over Vent.

Officers Edit

Covenant, Guildmaster 
Evithia, Recruitment Officer 
Tragik, Officer 
Roal, Officer 
Azin, Officer
Lonawne, Officer
Bolddisdain, Officer

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