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Reanimate is a Horde guild on the Azjol-Nerub Server. The guild is formed to raid end-game instances whilst preserving the essence of friendship and camaraderie. We believe in helping fellow guild members, and the development of characters.

Reanimate is a World of Warcraft Raiding Guild on Azjol-Nerub EU.

Raiding With Reanimate

Being a Raider in Reanimate is more than being Online at Raid Time and hoping to get picked. As a Raiding Guild, we expect all our Raiders to know The Basics of Raiding. If you are unsure of something, then you can always ask 1 of our Officers in game, or alternatively, you can browse these forums and see if there's already a Topic that can help you with your issue. We ask that all our Raiders attend a Minimum of 2 Raids per week altho we'd appricate it if people could do more than the bare Minimum.

The Basics

The 1 thing that sets Reanimate apart from other Raiding Guilds is our Unity, we are a Guild of friends, not enemies. But as with every Guild, we have rules. We don't ask much from our Raiders and because of this, it makes a pleasant, social atmosphere where we can have a laugh with one another and still progress. However, if we are to down bosses and achieve our goals then there are conditions that need to be met;

Boss Tactics - Raiders should know Boss Tactics, before engaging any boss. There is no exception to this rule. How are you going to down a boss, when you don't even know its mechanics? The main reason to why this is so important, is simply because its unfair to every other Raider in your Raid. If you don't know Tactics, you're going to wipe Raids, which means more time wasted Graveyard running, more Gold wasted on repairs and negative feels and thoughts from fellow Raiders. If you need to know Tactics to a Boss, you can find them all here! - Please take the time to look up Tactics because if you don't know them, its going to show and you could be replaced by someone that does. Flasks - As we are at the moment, our Raids are 3 hours long, which means that unless your an Alchemist, your going to need 3 Flasks, 1 of every hour of the Raid. The Guild currently has a system in place that allows Raiders to purchase Flasks through the Guild Bank at Half the price of the Auction House! Everyone should be buffed at all times. How are you going to down bosses, when you're only half as strong as you could be? If you need Flasks, you can either acquire them yourself from the Guild Bank, or you can ask an Officer to get them for you. Food Buff - Really this isn't something to worry about as Officers carry Feasts anyway, if you see a Plate with a Fish on it, chances are you should click on it. After all ... whats 10 seconds?


We use an Addon called EPGPLootmaster. Its needed by everyone as this is the system we use to disribute loot according and fairly. Its a must have addon for any Raider of Reanimate.

Another Addon that is needed is DeadlyBossMods, it tells you whats going to happen and when its going to happen throughout an encounter. This is another Addon that every Raider should have.

There are other Addons that can prove useful such as Omen2, a nice little interface that allows you to keep track of your threat. How are you going to DPS a boss when you've over aggro'd and now flying mince?


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