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Ravenguard is a friendly community based guild. We focus on PvE content and some Light RP and casual raiding.

Overview Edit

This guild is very friendly and currently accepting applications for all classes. Please contact Tenaria, Kheldern, Rottle, Braxus, or Darkkill in game for more information.

Guild Progress Edit

Karazhan - Shade of Aran


History Edit

Guild Rules Edit

Abusive behavior, harassment, or actions that are against Blizzard's Terms of Service are not permitted within the guild. This includes such actions as griefing, "ninja looting", "botting", gold-buying, etc. If anyone is not following these rules, please report any such behavior to an officer of the guild.

Begging is not permitted, within the guild or outside it. This can include begging for gold, items, power leveling, or help "farming". It is okay to ask politely, but if you do not receive a favourable response, do not resort to begging. If a guild member is willing to assist, please show your gratitude. After all, the person is being generous by donating their time to help you.

Guild Chat is "Out-of-Character", however, profanity, explicit content, discussions of race, religion, politics or sexual orientation are inappropriate. We strictly enforce this rule. Keep Guild Chat "G-rated". Anything else should be done in private channels or whispers.

There is to be no excessive use of "leetspeak" or "Internet lingo". Many of our members find this extremely irritating.

If you are using our Ventrilo server, ensure you read the rules and abide by them

Officers Edit

Tenaria is our current and wonderful Guild Leader.

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