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Ravencrest Watch is the oldest and one of the most well-established Alliance guilds on the Deathwing US (PvP) server. Originally started shortly before the retail release of the game, RCW has evolved into one of the top guilds on the server.

Ravencrest Watch (here on in referred to as RCW) was originally conceived by two friends during the first World of Warcraft stress test as The Allied Watchers. The original basis for this small, exclusive guild was to find interesting and mature people to occasionally run an instance. Plans were made after the stress test ended to continue on during open beta. The guild was reformed during the second stress test and carried over into open beta while expanding the guild roster.

Once retail was released, there was a mad dash across the United States to obtain a copy, and a subsequent hammering of the first few servers. RCW was formed only minutes after ten of the founding members were able to make characters on Deathwing.

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