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General InformationEdit

Ramp is a mature Alliance guild involved with endgame raiding content. This guild has been on Darksorrow since 31/7-2005 and focuses on quality and nice members rather than numbers and epics.

We pride ourselves on being mature, fair, and if needed, silly. Maturity and niceness are the most important factors. All services within the guild are free, we expect every member to pull their weight.

We are using a Zero-sum DKP system that favours new members and casual gamers more than usual dkp systems.

As of 17.10.2008, several members have moved to a PvE server for raiding purposes. We still stay in touch with these people, and continue running the guild as a social/raiding guild as before.


Please visit our website for updated recruitment numbers.

Contacts Edit

  • Stafe
  • Ripwarrior
  • Pallise
  • Advima

Wrath of the Lich King ProgressEdit

Burning Crusade ProgressEdit

Classic WoW ProgressEdit


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