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Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Crushridge. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people with experience. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Janosaudron, Randìr, Gaiusßaltar in game. Attention please: this is an Italian language guild so we almost recruit Italian players because we need to talk and write in Italian.

Guild Progress Edit

  • Naxxaramas/10 cleared
  • Sartharion/10 cleared
  • Naxxramas/25 cleared
  • Sartharion/25 cleared (0 dragons)
  • Malygos/10 cleared
  • Ulduar/10 Siege cleared

History Edit

This guild was born in the warm July 2008 with a massive character migration from our former guild "The Shadows of Liberty". Started with about 10/12 members, Renaissance guild keeps growing continuously, especially after the release of WOTLK.

6 months from its creation, Renaissance hosts 30/35 accounts with more than 100 characters and it's looking for more applies to reach its main purpose: 25 men end game raids.

On March 2009, Renaissance started their 25 men raids with the following progress:


  • Palgue Quarter cleared
  • Construct Quarter cleared
  • Arachnid Quarter cleared

Obsidian Sanctum

  • Sartharion with 0 dragons cleared

23rd/24th of March Renaissance finally kill Malygos in a 10 men raid and obtaining for their raiders the title of "Champion of the frozen wastes". It's roster grows to 200 members with a 37% of raiding level 80 characters.

25th of March Military Quarter cleared on Naxxramax 25 men raid

05th of April At their first try, Renaissance guild defeated Kel Thuzad and eranerd the Achievemnt of Heroic: Falls of Naxxramas.

03rd of May Renaissance guild defeted all 4 bosses from the first stage of Ulduar on Normal difficult.

Schedule Edit

Renaissance guild schedules night raids only. We usually raid from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00pm until 0:30am. At this moment we are raiding as follow :

Wednesday/Thursday (and sometimes Sunday too) Naxxramas 25 men raid.

Sunday is the "Dragon day". We just try Malygos (10 men) or clear Sartharion (25 men).

Monday/Tuesday We continuing with our main raid on Naxxramas 25 men

Sometimes we run Naxxramas 10 men raid with our minor characters on late night

Officers Edit

Guild Leader: Janosaudron
Raid Leader Randìr
Officiers: Gaiusßaltar

Pandy / Eleuteria

Elite Raiders Edit

These are the most special non-officer players for Renaissance guild. They are called to do the most difficult missions. All renaissance's officers are Elite Raiders also.

Elite Raiders: Yogthot


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