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Revelations' official logo.

R E V E L A T I O N S, or Rev for short, has been a Crushridge raiding guild for several years. It was originally formed as a PvP guild but switched over to raiding and got into BWL before patch 2.0.

The name R E V E L A T I O N S and The IV Horsemen (See Below) is based on the Four Horsemen story[1]. The main leaders of the guild were Pestilenz[2], Warrz[3], and Crazyfamine (Retired)[4].

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

R E V E L A T I O N S was originally formed back in 2002 on the game Final Fantasy XI, Bahamut server. It became one of the largest and highly respected linkshells / guilds on that server. It then migrated to Counter Strike: Source using The IV Horseman logo / tag ( ].4hM.[ ). Under the leadership of War ( Warrz ), 4hM competed and won many "scrims" and local tournaments throughout southern California. Now finding its way on the World of Warcraft realm, Revelations is formed again once more.....

Weekly raid schedule Edit

R E V E L A T I O N S raids Monday to Thursday at 7pm to 10pm, with invites going out at 6:30pm. Zul'aman teams begin the day of the reset at 10:30 to 11:00pm. Rev often does T5 and lower runs on Fridays.

Guild rules Edit

  • All members are to keep a high reputation among others of Crushridge. Rev has kicked members for being disrespectful of anyone.
  • All guild members must keep a decent raid attendance. Low attendance can lead to a unannounced kick.
  • All members must come to raids with Flasks, food buffs, and proper consumables.

R E V E L A T I O N S uses DKP. DKP and item rules are below.[5]

  • Tier 5 and lower items are free.
  • Whomever has the most dkp wins items in question, unless they pass.
  • Gear is given to main specs before off specs, regardless of dkp or guild rank.
  • Gear goes to guild members, regardless of dkp, before tryouts or probations.
  • Dkp is gained by character, not account or player. You cannot get items for your alt with your main's dkp.
  • Dkp will only be rewarded on official guild runs in 25mans led by an officer.
  • Players may only win one epic piece of gear per night unless nobody else needs it. This does not apply to patterns or gems.
  • Players on the waiting list and near the instance will gain just as much dkp as the raiders.
  • Probationary members gain full dkp during their tryout runs.
  • The lowest amount of dkp someone can has is -100. There is no maximum amount of dkp.
  • Tier 6 items cost 60dkp. Non tier items cost 55dkp. Epic gems will cost 10dkp.

Controversy Edit

In mid 2008 the R E V E L A T I O N S guild leader at the time, Warrz, was keylogged. The cracker disbanded the guild and mailed awa ythe guild bank. Quickly following this, Dacko (Warrz's wife), created a temporary guild "Warrz Gkicked Me" to gather the old members.[6]

During the time "Warrz Gkicked Me" was being used raiding resumed as usual, but a level one alt named Vaggi (In reference to Rev's elemental shaman, Vegi) took the guild name and mocked the guild. About a month later Mistiwaters (Rev's main mage) noticed that the guild no longer existed and quickly bought a charter. Due to his heroics R E V E L A T I O N S was returned to normal, and GMs were able to restore the guild bank.



Revelations' official logo.