This article is a guild information page for Pwnstar of Balnazzar US.

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Overview Edit

Pwnstar is a small to medium Horde Guild on the PvP server Balnazzar US. They only recruit mature players aged 18+. While most of the members are South African, they do accept mature players from other locations. Not strictly a PvE or PvP guild, their membership can often be found in various dungeons or Battlegrounds. The general lean tends towards the PvE aspect though.

Their website can be found here.

Leadership Edit

Please contact one of the following players for more information ingame:

  • Vixdruidh (GM)
  • Dustuhan (Assistant GM)
  • Merkesh (Assistant GM)
  • Gorro (Officer)
  • Nawarli (Officer)

Recruiting Edit

Pwnstar recruits only mature players. If you play in GMT+2 (or thereabouts) and fulfil the basic requirements there will be a place made available for you.

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