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About Edit

Prophecy is a medium sized, raiding focuses guild on SwC. We promote RP (and/or yiffing) though do not enforce it. We are a strong, tight knit guild currently working on SSC progression, with Gruul and Karazhan on farm. We're a family, joining is joining a group who will be there till the end. Members should frequently check their mailboxes for shipped baked goods. You may or may not receive drunk dials at 3 AM from your officers. Be repaired to be tagged with a silly, often sexually explicit, nickname. The guild is rated "R", or "XXX" depending on the time of night. Ventrilo is mandatory.

"Be forewarned...the guild motto is "Crazy but effective", so if you are prone to any of the following:

~Frequent headaches
~Low sense of humor
~Intolerance (of mistakes, of anything, really...)
~Must be serious at all times
~PG-13 ratings or lower
~Inability to misinterpret stream of consciousness thought
~Inability to prove Freud true
~Dislike of brownies or cookies(we send them out occasionally to those unsuspecting people...)

This might not be the guild for you.

If you think you're as crazy as we are, though, head over to and fill out an application.

For questions, concerns, blatant sexual Kirrick, Illena, Surania, Lazram, or myself.

(Pizza was also included in there, but cannot be contacted as it has already been devoured by the others.)" -Telamew

The Management Edit

Guild Master
Telamir, Lazram, Illena, Kirrick, Astraea, Cixah

Members Edit

Illena Riverrunner
Artrenadys Greyant

There are many others; head over to the armory to take a look! (Translation: I refuse to post each and every member up here. ~Telamir)

Links Edit

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