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Guild:Procella Oculus (Velen US)

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NOTE: Number of members at time of screen shot may have changed from current status

Status Edit

Guild Tabard

Tabard for Procella Oculus

Page last updated: February 2009

Overview Edit

Procella Oculus is a Progression based PvE guild on Server:Velen US. Our Guild is comprised of 150+ members ranging from level 1 to 80. We Currently have All Tier 7/8, 9 and 10 content cleared. We enjoy activites and events within the guild to promote unity and friendship among our guild members.

Class Leaders Edit

Along with the natural flow of higher ranking in the guild, there are "class leaders". A class leader is someone who is designated as the set leader for all the members who share the same role as the leader. For example, a Healer leader will answer all questions, help all members, and command in raids all members that are Healers as well.

Current Class Leaders

Tank Leader:...Nexxty, Oatar, Valenus
Heal Leader:...Mandamod, Natureforce
Melee DPS Leader:...Goretool
Caster Leader:...Tzulao
Ranged Leader:...Mahiah

Leadership and Ranking Edit

Rank 1: Tzunami:..........Tzulao (1st in Command)
Rank 2: Hurricane:........Mahiah, Mandamod, Unkkaorky (2nd in Command)
Rank 3: Tempest:..........Oatar, Scathgar (3rd in Command)
Rank 4: Typhoon:..........Naturesforce, Nexxty, Valenus, Darthcron, Darknirunti (Raid Leaders)
Rank 4: Raging Storm......(Hard Core Raiders)
Rank 5: Tropical Storm....(Core Raiders)
Rank 6: Thunder Storm.....(Casual Raiders)
Rank 7: Storm.............(Guildie Status)
Rank 8: Drizzle...........(Recruit)

Rank 1-3: Are officers of the guild.

Rank 4-6: Are Raid Ranked Spots, Rank may change due to attendance and other circumstances.

Rank 7: Is intended for guild members that wish not to raid or don't meet the current level requirement.

Rank 8: Is "Recruit Status",as a recruit you have 2 weeks or more, to prove yourself worthy of being a member of Procella Oculus.

Raiding Edit

As of the release of Wrath of the Lich King, Procella Oculus has cleared all current Tier 7 Content.

Current Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (6pm - 9pm, Server time)

Current DKP System Edit

Currently our guild runs a "Fixed DKP system" Please click on link if interested in learning about our DKP system

[ Procella Oculus DKP system]

Raid Requirements Edit

All Raiders are required to have:

  1. Omen
  2. BigWigs (AddOn)/Deadly Boss Mods
  3. Ventrilo

Recruitment Edit

If interested in becoming a member of Procella Oculus, Please Apply at [ Procella Oculus Application]

We currently may not be recruiting your class, But all Serious Applications will be considered.

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