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Potato Sack of Tomatoes (or commonly referred to as PSOT for short) is a guild that originated on Frostmane comprised of friends. Its original intention was to be a gag guild just to have all of the gang in a chat channel.
Psot sunwell

PSOT showing off their progression.

Throughout the course of playing on Frostmane, the guild evolved to becoming a part-time raiding guild, and eventually raided lower-tiered raiding instances weekly. Original notable members include...

Original Potato Sack of Tomatoes CharactersEdit

    • Maulie (later known as Caylex, then Heart, and then Heartsick, and then Niaqin, and then Foxsquire, and then Clawdie, and then currently Caylex again)
    • Tiffanie (later known as Trelorn)
    • Reis (later known as Daunt, then Krinn, and then Lus, and then Daunt again, and then Aetrien, and currently Deila)
    • Reimu (later known as Cirno, then Keine, then Senya, and then Yuka, and then currently Senya again)
    • Bunnyshock
    • Kinkyfox (later known as Jerkface, and currently Kinkyfox again)
    • Relyna (later known as Cupana, and currently Relyna again.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes @ Frostmane Edit

Potato Sack of Tomatoes originated on Frostmane, the true ghetto of World of Warcraft servers. Trashy elitist PvP and a small handful of PvE guilds dominated the scene. Finding a guild to merge with was very hard; PSOT eventually transferred off due to boredom of Cyclonian's antics.
Psot abuti

(From left to right) Tiffanie, Maulie, and Abuti reaching the flag at the top of Ironforge.

Cynergy Edit

PSOT Leotheras

PSOT managed to help Cynergy progress past Leotheras the Blind.

While leveling in Frostmane, Potato Sack of Tomatoes had concurred that they needed to find a raiding guild to join, or they would never progress to good gear. Eventually, the gang found Cynergy, which was a guild filled with badly geared people who had trouble coordinating on bosses. Cynergy was home to cool people like Xakia and Wulphe, but then it was also home to diabetes-infested Feardotinc.

The guild leader, Azuol, and his enraged girlfriend Blindoracle, often lead the guild raids in an oppressive, threatening manner. People were scared to speak up when a wipe happened, due to the fear of the wrath of Azuol.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes raided Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep with Cynergy, and received massive gear upgrades. Maulie managed to receive a Dragonspine Trophy during her second guild Gruul's Lair run.

Departure from Cynergy Edit

After only a few months of raiding with Cynergy, Potato Sack of Tomatoes concluded that the guild was starting to exile PSOT members from their exclusive Zul'Aman runs. Enraged, Reis and Maulie came up with a plan to leave with a bang. Maulie and Reis bought 80 Homemade Cherry Pie and filled the guild bank with them.

Then, PSOT concluded with a swift and painless /gquit.

Thieve Edit

Psot thieve

Maulie ganking Thieve on his mage.

It was a dark, stormy November 2007 night, when Potato Sack of Tomatoes members Maulie and Tiffanie ventured off to Stormwind. They were just doing the usual harassment on Alliance players, when all of the sudden, a Season 2 Orc Rogue encounters PSOT in the tram. He insists to join Maulie and Tiffanie, who happily oblige.

The PSOT gang and Thieve set course to hit the Alliance where it hurt: their flight master. Thieve then confessed that he was on ventrilo with his Alliance friends, who were dancing around the PSOT gang and Thieve. Maulie and Tiffanie, who admired Thieve so much, trusted him, and let the Alliance dance around.

And so, the plan to gank the flight master went into motion. Thieve opened up, with Tiffanie and Maulie helping as he tanked the gryphons. Little did Tiffanie and Maulie know, Thieve was a traitor to the Horde. Instantly after the flight master died, Thieve's Alliance friends proceeded to make a quick end to the now weak Tiffanie and Maulie.

From that point forward, Thieve was known as the the traitor. Scum of Frostmane. He sold out his allies to the enemy.

Little did Thieve know, he had vengeance coming back to him.

The Christmas Event Edit

After weeks of forum harassment by Tiffanie and Maulie, Thieve agreed to finally duel to the death in the Gurubashi Arena. Ironically, it was Christmas Eve. Tiffanie and Maulie had just finished celebrating their own Christmases, and began to head to the arena. Bunnyshock came along too. Little did Tiffanie and Maulie know, Thieve's clingy girlfriend Rahbi had been pressing him all day to get off World of Warcraft, but he insisted that he had to defend is honor.

Needless to say, Thieve made quick work of the three PSOT members, who were all in the level range of 64 to 66. But the true victory was not to be seen in the duel, but that PSOT had ruined Christmas for Thieve and Rahbi.

Rapture of PSOT Edit

And yet another dark, stormy night, when all PSOT members were on, doing their own thing, when all of the sudden Bunnyshock goes "#%#$% dis im goin bak 2 emerald dream server" and no one cared.

Yet a month later, drama rose as typical Krinn grew tired of waiting around for progression, he began flirting with big shot guilds in attempt to get more epic loot. Feeling angry and betrayed, PSOT inflicted its wrath on Krinn, disassociating him from the guild, and causing a rapture within.

Krinn began to whine about no progression, but then contradicted himself by whining that he couldn't raid because he had school. Of course, no one cared as he blabbled on about his own problems.

After the issue was resolved, PSOT took a shot at actually being a "zero to hero" guild.

PSOT's attempt at being a real guild Edit

During the downtime before becoming a conglomerate with Set Sail for Fail, PSOT ran under the recruitment leadership of Maulie, who managed to recruit one faithful member: Glogan. Glogan was never coherent on Ventrilo because he was completely baked about 90% of the time. Maulie declared him his "apprentice" contrary to Glogan's poor performance and general lack of belonging with the group. Among some notable incidents with Glogan is his failure to grasp the relative ease of kiting the phoenix during the Kael'thas fight in Magisters' Terrace along with making strange noises on Ventrilo while laughing at himself. Needless to say, the guild was a failure with the leaders ninja logging their own runs. The guild eventually fell apart with only one person faithful to the PSOT crew but not quite in the guild: Xeranthemum the Blood Elf mage.

Set Sail For Fail Edit

Under the direction of Maulie, a merger took place between the guild Set Sail for Fail and Potato Sack of Tomatoes with every member sans Keine and Tiffanie having officership under the new overlord, Avenstar. Avenstar and his girlfriend Dominatrixie led the guild with Krinn practically leading the raids.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes @ Mal'Ganis Edit

Basically, Potato Sack of Tomatoes got off the transfer ship at Mal'Ganis, took one look around, and got back on. What a failure server.

Ballyros Edit

Psot ballyros

Ballyros was 100% man.

Within the first night of transfer, members Maulie, Relyna, and Daunt managed to get into a pick-up Magtheridon run. Little did they know, it would soon be the raid of their life. The raid group wiped for three hours due to stupid wipes; eventually, a new face came in, Ballyros, who would then attempt to pick up the pieces of the now failed run.

With a booming, manly voice, Ballyros managed to clean up the run. He cleared vent of the stupid stuff (namely, he made Opiwana shut the you-know-what up), and the run was focused.

Unfortunately, not even the power of Ballyros could counter a failed cube clicker. After three more wipes, raid members began to notice it was Opiwana who was not clicking. After being pressed more and more, Opiwana then blurted out his infamous confession over vent, "DUDE NO I CLICKED, I CLICKED LIKE 80 TIMES!"

Needless to say, we never finished Magtheridon. Infact, it was the worst PSOT failure at the moment.

For the rest of PSOT's stay on Mal'Ganis, they ran Vanilla WoW raid instances weekly with Ballyros, ranging from Blackwing Lair to Naxxramas.

Derice Edit

Psot iamchina

Derice confessing his true identity to PSOT.

Another encounter the PSOT crew had was a Chinese gold farmer who they instanced with and, instead of belittling, took into their care but mistreated nonetheless. Derice the undead warlock stumbled upon PSOT in a heroic Blood Furnace run. With little being said, speculation ran wild that he was, in fact, a Chinese gold farmer. Despite numerous pleas to Summon Imp, Derice gave no acknowledgment of the demands and probably had no clue to whom they were directed. It was only after Keine linked the skill and the group fell apart that Derice finally understood what an "imp" was. From then on out, PSOT established communication with Derice, figuring out that he does enjoy his job and wants to learn English so he can sell more items and, in turn, get more gold. PSOT also helped carry him through a few daily heroics upon his oft-rude demand. Communication was brief since it was just too frustrating for the members to get much across, so the relationship with Derice eventually died.

Departure from Mal'Ganis Edit

Eventually, Daunt whined and whined how everyone on Mal'Ganis is elitist and he can't enjoy himself there. He continued to claim that a near-medium population server would be ideal, because it has more of a community feeling to it. Tiffanie then offered to sponser PSOT's transfer fees to a server of their choice; so then PSOT ends up on Dragonmaw.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes @ Dragonmaw Edit

Potato Sack of Tomatoes currently is on Dragonmaw, making it its temporary, or possibly permanent, home. The only reason PSOT ended up on this server was so Relyna could retain his name. Members Reimu and Maulie wanted to go to Boulderfist.

It's worthy to note that for the first time, PSOT reformed to be just <PSOT> rather than <Potato Sack of Tomatoes>.

Xaith Edit

Psot xaith

PSOT hiding from Xaith in Darnassus.

After months of vacation from the Thieve incident, PSOT was enjoying its non-rivalry situation at Dragonmaw. Little did they know, a true champion of the Alliance was waiting. One of PSOT's hobbies was killing faction leader Tyrande Whisperwind. But everytime Tyrande was under attack, the hero to the Alliance, Xaith, would charge into action to save his queen. Being that at the time it was Caylex as a dainty holy priest, Keine as a feral druid, and Relyna as a retribution paladin (pre-3.0), there was little that could be done to protect the poor PvE priest.

On one occurrence, the attempt turned into a wild goose chase, where Xaith and Chiubear chased Caylex, Relyna, and Keine all around Teldrassil. An infamous incident, on Xaith's part, was when Caylex kited Xaith on her kodo while he ran around trying to catch her, with Relyna and Keine killing him while he ran in circles stupidly.

Phlowbie Edit

Psot celeb

Caylex and Relyna entering Phlowbie's portal of stardom.

It all began the night Caylex was pestering Keine to run Heroic Sethekk so he could get his Anzu mount. Keine of course refused, and insisted that AFKing in Shattrath watching paint dry was more enticing. So, reluctantly, Krinn, Relyna, and Caylex decide to pick up some PuGs. Caylex found their druid Anzu summoner, and then was whispered by a mage named Phlowbie. Previously, Caylex and co. had encountered Phlowbie in Hyjal runs, and knew that he was serious business. But it was all water under the bridge now, except the river was overflowing with SERVER STARDOM. Caylex and Relyna instantly began to act like giddy school girls who just met teen pop sensation Hannah Montana, asking for autographs and pictures with the renowned server celeb raider. Relyna even got an autograph from Phlowbie, which he is still offering to sell on the neutral auction house for 10,000 gold. All-in-all, the Heroic Sethekk Halls run was a success, and at the end of the run, Caylex and Relyna entered their Phlowbie-spawned portal into stardom.

Caylex began to post on the <Bad> forums, stating that he deserved a ginvite to be closer with his idol Phlowbie. But despite the first-hand dismissal of Caylex's antics, <Bad> began to take a more passive, accepting role of PSOT. In the following weeks, post-3.0, Phlowbie and <Bad> began to do PUG raid instances, and Caylex, as well as sometimes Relyna, was invited. At one point, Caylex was invited to Sunwell, and got to fight M'uru, but not Kil'jaeden, because he's a fan, not a full-pledged server celeb raider himself at that point.

At the moment, PSOT is the self-proclaimed #1 fan club of <Bad>, and its now ultimate goal in life is to get the sweet ginvite to its idol's, Phlowbie, revered guild. Other cool <Bad> members, that PSOT should have worthy note of, are Kasher, the #2; Lauramars, and Healbatto.

Raiding with <Bad> Edit

Psot realmfirst

PSOT claiming Realm First! Magic Seeker alongside Bad.

Upon release of Wrath of the Lich King, PSOT members Lus and Caylex were able to flirt their way into <Bad>. On the very day of their membership, PSOT made history, by partaking in the realm first kill of Heroic Malygos, earning their Magic Seeker titles. Although a success story, Lus and Caylex grew tired of Bad's terrible members. <Bad> was filled with annoying members as well as swelling with egotistic elitists.

Seht, the guild leader of <Bad>, amazed Lus and Caylex with his supreme fatness and horrible leading skills. His idea of leading raids included yelling at people calling them toolsheds, being unaware of class mechanics before distributing loot (his infamous hand-off of The Impossible Dream to a restoration shaman), and cracking jokes that no one laughed at. Seht ensured that raiding with <Bad> would always be a headache.

Needless to say, after snagging some loot, PSOT decided to leave both Dragonmaw and <Bad> behind.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes @ Drak'Tharon Edit

Distraught with <Bad>, Lus and Caylex saw a light at the end of the tunnel: free server transfers. Their already suffering wallets did not have to writhe more than they have from the numerous transfers beforehand. <Potato Sack of Tomatoes> accepted the beckon of a new world to the east (but the server was central timezone). Senya became Yuka, Lus became Daunt, Caylex became Heart, Kinkyfox became Jerkface, and Relyna became Relyna.

Raiding with <Ruin> Edit

A short stint was had as the displaced, lonely, and senile members decided to join one of the two near starting Naxx25 guilds of the server, which at the time was very far for Drak'Tharon. The guildies found <Ruin> who'd accept all of them yet quite easily shun them a good three days later. Heart helped <Ruin> get their first Naxx10 down by actually knowing how to heal and not being high while doing so. A humorous glitch occurred where Heart got the first and only Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas title for simply walking into Naxx10 and having a previous Kel'Thuzad 25 kill from <Bad>. The Magic Seeker became the Conqueror of Naxxramas.

Among <Ruin>'s star players were a pothead resto shaman (Flipper) who literally went AFK during the guild's first Malygos attempt to get baked, a larger-than-life, jolly, ghetto-mouth Bigdom the druid, and the narcissistic sociopath Socratic. When Yuka pointed out what was wrong with the Malygos attempts (trying to position the orbs specifically for the massive ego hunter who wanted to top meters), Socratic promptly booted five of his best players who were forced to wander the streets of Dalaran and pickpocket passersby to make a living.

<Power of Friendship> Edit

In lieu of joining another guild, <Power of Friendship> was birthed by a now male, thanks to Blizzard's own character re-customization, Heart. The guild quickly found an ally in <Pretty Okay Dudes> who turned out to classify as somewhere lower than "pretty okay" personality-wise yet went far beyond "okay" skill-wise. With them, the guild narrowly missed the horde first Malygos 10 kill despite being formed just a week before the kill. All 10-man content was downed, and <Pretty Okay Dudes> decided to become a unified <Power of Friendship>

Prime of Friendship Edit

PSOT Friendship

Power of Friendship downing Patchwerk finally. O M G

The guild did rather well and breezed through all of the easy 25-man content with around 20 people. More and more people joined, and the guild was respected on a relatively new and relatively small server. Everyone saw great potential in the players, and the speed of progress was a force to be reckoned with. The guild even ranked 51 in the US (above <Bad>) due to a glitch with the guild's supposed realm-first Malygos kill. This deceived a lot of people into thinking the guild was the stuff.

Downfall of Friendship Edit

PSOT Zentul

Power of Friendship had an interesting group of characters. Zentul was one of them.

The lack of member numbers amounted to the same content over and over which led some, particularly the <Pretty Okay Dudes> crowd, to grow restless. Yuka's constant grieving to show his loathing for <Pretty Okay Dudes> included stealing the fishing competition from the achievement-harlot Nostrand and constantly making them feel inadequate by pointing out their failure to get <Gotta Go!> before the nerf, their only achievement missing from Glory of the Hero.

Heart's management was absolute and questioned extensively. Despite giving everyone the power to have a voice as an officer, removing their power to randomly kick people who said something they disliked made them hail Heart as a tyrant. When the token idiot of <Pretty Okay Dudes>, Omegatran, couldn't spam guild chat with tired ASCII art and say extremely childish things in Ventrilo, Heart was called a despot. When they were talked down to for childishly guild quitting spontaneously and making the guild look trashy, they felt cornered. Contrary to his genuine efforts to actually keep the guild afloat, the people who constantly opposed Heart's methods drove him to the edge and made him promptly retreat into seclusion while forsaking everything he worked for.

Immediately following Heart's department, a full raid was formed and everything was going well until Daunt decided to take a personal night in the middle of the raid. This caused the entire raid and the foundation of the guild to crumble when death knight dps unextrardinaire Gouenji kept having important business with Instructor Razuvious since he kept preemptively pulling him and wiping the raid. The raid fell apart, and everyone was left demoralized at the loss of both guild leaders in a time of desperate need.

Death of Friendship Edit

Efforts by Daunt and Yuka were too little, too late. Before they could really rally everyone, <Pretty Okay Dudes> had undermined the entire operation, and the two gave up. Heart randomly turned up one day and revealed he had apparently picked up a stronger drug than World of Warcraft: Xbox Live with Relyna. Heart (once again a female blood elf named Caylex) is occasionally sighted in Dalaran on his mechanohog according to eye witness reports. Whether these sightings are true or not is debated. Practically everyone of the original PSOT has bailed on World of Warcraft for Xbox360--sans Yuka who wallows in his loneliness while eating a gallon of Dreyer's Dulce De Leche ice cream.

A New Game Edit

After the bail, PSOT now has faced yet another rapture. With everyone splitting apart their own seperate ways, Relyna and Caylex decided it was time to start anew. They began their new careers as Alliance on the server Emerald Dream.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes @ Emerald Dream Edit

Emerald Dream was really a short time, much like the stay on Mal'Ganis. It wasn't expected to be a serious run for the alts; Relyna and Caylex began their new characters, Niaqin the Protection Paladin and Cupana the Assassination Rogue. Krinn then joined shortly later for a brief time as Glene the Holy Paladin. Kinkyfox also made an appearance as well, revitalizing morale, with his old Retribution Paladin Elabueloloco.

The Revival of PSOT Edit

Niaqin and Cupana were experiments; they were expected to get to level 5, and then PSOT would be over again. But something amazing happened, and Niaqin and Cupana leveled. They kept leveling, and became immersed into the lovely realm of Emerald Dream, and eventually found home in a new guild every hour. They eventually settled in a guild called The Covenant.

Eradun and the Holy Guardians Edit

PSOT eradun

"this would be done by now if i was a tank"

Eradun was an embarrassment to humanity. Although he ushered Caylex and Relyna into the guild, and even graciously offered to help them a lot, he was a pathetic excuse of a player. Eradun claims that he could do more DPS and be a better player if he were just Protection, but stayed Arms the whole duration of Niaqin and Cupana's stay on Emerald Dream.

Eradun was an officer of Holy Guardians, which eventually turned into The Covenant. The Covenant was a guild based off of the Underworld series of Lycan vs. Vampires, so the roleplaying was expected to be as pathetic as what it was based off of. The Covenant had mandatory roleplaying every evening in its hometown, Duskwood, with Eradun, and other guild members, running around town aimlessly for hours until Stiches or horde arrived.

Eventually Cupana and Niaqin got bored of catering to The Covenant, and were kicked out.

Krinn and Kinkyfox's Return, Cupana and Niaqin's Departure Edit

With high morale as-is, Niaqin and Cupana had high hopes. Being level 40 already opened the door to the possibility of playing the characters at 80, so they continued to level. Krinn then decided that he was going to get back into WoW, and powerleveled with one of Tiffanie's disgruntled friends Sam to catch up. Kinkyfox then also briefly returned from boot camp, which further raised morale. Niaqin and Cupana had faith that PSOT was going to be restored to its former glory... that is, until, some scheming occurred.

Cupana had to leave for two weeks, so Niaqin continued to level. Upon his return, he pitched the idea of transferring to Arthas to raid with hopes of raiding with a well-established guild called <The Butchers>. Hesitantly, Niaqin agreed. Eventually, Niaqin was the one to push for the idea once he realized that PSOT needs some fresh blood, not a Newt Gringich calling of Krinn. Therefore, Niaqin and Cupana transferred to Arthas, and renamed their characters back to their original glory day names, Caylex and Relyna.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes @ Arthas Edit

Arthas has so far been a positive for the new PSOT, with the introduction of Granitor and Galawin, Caylex and Relyna are not alone anymore. Although a shakey start, the progress of the new PSOT is exponential to any progress prior. Within a few days, Caylex and Relyna are well on their way into Ulduar, while maintaining the good 'ol PSOT pride.

Shortly after their arrival, both Daunt and Kinkyfox have decided to join in on the fun. Daunt has once again returned to his paladin ways, now known as Aetrien. Kinkyfox has revived his old paladin who is, now prot, Elabueloloco.

Aestu Edit

PSOT aestu

Aestu reviving Caylex, what an honor!

Shortly after Caylex and Relyna reached 80, Caylex began to browse the powerhouses of the realm. Immediately, the player Aestu stood out. Caylex had high hopes that Aestu would hold out a helping hand, and get Caylex and Relyna into a heroic naxxramas run the day they dinged 80, but alas, Aestu is a diva. Aestu started off with a cold, distant attitude towards anyone else. But as of late, he has become more and more accepting of Relyna and Caylex. He has evolved from muteness to small conversation and accepting heroic invites. Aestu is expected to be a beautiful hybrid of the cunningness of Ballyros, the skill of Phlowbie, and the virtue of Thieve; all he needs is a little dash of friendship and the inspiration of PSOT.

    • Sadly, shortly after PSOT had arrived at Arthas, Aestu permanently quit WoW. It's safe to assume PSOT's admiration did not cause such a tragedy.

Caylex's Transformation Edit

Shortly after, not even a week, of being 80, Caylex decided that paladins are stupid. So, he transferred his first 60 druid over to the realm and named her Marcie. Marcie soon leveled up all the way to 80, featured a feral kitty DPS. Later on he collected some tanking gear, but mostly stuck the the one-three-three-seven deeps.

The Birth of Marcie/Foxsquire/Clawdie Edit

Marcie the druid was a good druid. She was a very excellent feral druid, that was always on-par, if not exceeding, Relyna the Rogue's DPS. Marcie evolved from a pesky 4k DPS to a nice, comfy 7k DPS cat druid. She raided up to Firefighter with the guild Hidden, and raided even in Relyna's absence.

The Steady Decline of Relyna Edit

As time goes on, so does PSOT. Relyna the rogue has began a new chapter on life, and slowly became the equivalent of Cher or Ozzy Ozbourne doing occasional, lame concerts. Relyna decided that the only way she could tolerate being subscribed to WoW anymore, as if a faction transfer occurred; Caylex immediately agreed, and the fantastic blood elf duo were back, except this time Relyna the paladin was subbed for Faetrix the blood elf rogue. And what better place to go, than the place that started it all? Cue Miley Cyrus' Start All Over.

Potato Sack of Tomatoes @ Dragonmaw (Again) Edit

In order to commodate Relyna's desire to be a blood elf again, Clawdie had a choice: become a female tauren, or allow Caylex the priest to step back up in the spotlight. As if it were even a hard choice. With PSOT back on its home realm, and remade, who knows what amazingness will occur. With Caylex and Relyna, now called Faetrix due to Relyna the paladin's pathetic existance, only time will tell.

Welcome Back PSOT! Edit

PSOT was welcomed back with a cold shoulder from the server. No one wanted anything to do with PSOT, as its only engrainment on the general memory of the server was Caylex and Relyna's fascination with <Bad> member Phlowbie. It was soon learned that Phlowbie had spiraled from World of Warcraft in favor for a slutty, controlling girlfriend. This was the first hit on the already weak PSOT.

Faetrix also decided that he needed to focus more on school, so he spiraled away from PSOT. PSOT was officially a one-person guild. And then there was one. :(

Valentinè Edit

File:PSOT valentinethejerk.png

After a long, long hiatus, PSOT finally returns to what it calls its "home server." Although this time, it was just Caylex, and a very unreliable Relyna. Due to Relyna's absence, Caylex brought in some reinforcements. He called upon the highest gods that exist, and found a new partner in crime, Valentinè. The problem with Valentinè is first off his name has an è in it, which is extremely annoying to type. Second off, Valentine (we're just going to drop the è from now on) was very immature and extremely obnoxious. He also insisted on stupid ideas to be great, when infact they were extremely stupid, and he KNEW they were stupid, but he stuck by his ideology, no matter how unpopular and out-of-synch they were. His only redeeming quality was that he was an excellent player, despite having the attitude of a two year old.

Valentine's introduction to Dragonmaw also introduced a new character for Caylex. After almost two years of courtship with his priest, Caylex finally decided to reroll a new character via Recruit-A-Friend with Valentine's new character. Caylex created a paladin, who was deemed to be "retribution forever," in homage to his friend Relyna, who was ever-so-slowly spiraling from "barely playing" to "never playing." Valentine created a priest named Phasè, who he named after some apparently good PVP rogue, but who cares, because that's a stupid way to name a character anyways. Elzira and Phase (not a fan of this è thing) tore through leveling, and were 80 within two weeks.

One of Valentine's most infamous incidents was in Heroic Pit of Saron, with Elzira DPSing, Phase DPSing (as his shadow-spec priest, Phasè), and Relyna tanking. Phase insisted that the only way to do the boss is if the tank kites him the entire time through ice. Not only is this ineffecient, but unnecessary, because any healer with half a brain could heal through normal damage. During the enrage, it's understandable, but the whole fight? Elzira and Relyna tried to reason with Valentine, only to be called "fucking ritards". This prompted Relyna and Elzira to play taunt tag with the boss, prolonging the fight to be roughly 10 minutes long.

Valentine began to lose interest when people refused to invite him to raids, because he was so blatantly rude to them before he was even invited. He had earned himself a negative reputation among the pick-up-group community of Dragonmaw, as being an immature putz. Not only did this reputation come about with the PuG community, but Elzira had grown tired of him as well. Also, around this time, Relyna came back into the Potato Sack of Tomatoes scene, only this time to reroll a priest named Lynelle. Phase always taunted Lynelle as a joke, because he felt threatened by Lynelle's long tenure of PSOT, and with Elzira.

Phase officially spiraled once his relationship with Elzira had spiraled. He eventually quit World of Warcraft and sold his account to a gold company. Valentine was last seen flying around from Icecrown to Dragonblight to Wintergrasp for 72 hours straight, presumed to be bot-mining. Elzira reported him, and he has been missing ever since.

Rekindling with Senya Edit

With Phase being officially out of the picture, and Relyna spiraling back-and-forth like a pickle in baseball, Elzira needed a way to stay savvy and fresh with all of his newfound interest. With rage from Phase still fresh within him, Elzira managed to build a decent PVP, Prot, Holy, and mainspec Retribution set. With being a jack-of-all-trades, Elzira had the opportunity to really shine in any aspect of the game.

It wasn't until Senya decided to open his rainbow tent of raiding up to Elzira again. The last time Senya had interacted with PSOT was when Power of Friendship had spiraled; he was still reluctant to trust Potato Sack of Tomatoes. Luckily, Elzira was a one-person package, since Relyna was gone, so Senya was happy to give Elzira a chance to prove himself.

After many weeks of awful 25-man Icecrown Citadel pick-up groups (as well as Trial of the Crusader), Elzira managed to pick up a Death's Choice, as well as a few other pieces of gear. All of this gear managed to get Elzira a spot in the weekly Bezx ICC25 raid, with the help of Senya as well of course.

Bezx Pugs Edit

The weekly raids are ran by Bezxcopter, and the raid is mostly comprised of <Bad> alts as well as other top guild alts. The raid pushes end-game progression (compared to other pug runs on the server) and distributes loot fairly.

Bezx pugs are something that PSOT had never encountered before: one to two days a week of raiding end-game content, with a fair loot-council system. No catch22's, no Glogan's to cause stupid wipes, no mishandling of loot like with Belok and The Impossible Dream. I guess it's safe to refer this section not as PSOT, but as Elzira, as she's the only character in PSOT that had an oppurtunity to participate in this.

Elzira today still continues to participate in Bezx Pugs, and is working on the Shadowmourne questline at the moment.

The Return of Krinn Edit

File:PSOT lavonprotodrake.png

With Elzira still being alone, another idea was had. Whenever a PSOT has been at a weak point, it always turns to its star member, Krinn. About since Relyna and Caylex had returned to Dragonmaw, Krinn was back on Frostmane. God knows why Frostmane, since it is an awful server. Apparently Lav had friends on the realm. But regardless, Krinn was on Frostmane, playing his rogue, Lav.

In a desperate attempt to rekindle a friendship, Elzira attempted to convince Lav to return to Dragonmaw. Since Lav isn't really a forgiving person, Elzira enticed Lav to transfer by promising Starcaller and Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player), which would give Krinn his first-ever 310% flying mount. In a heartbeat, Lav ditched his "friends" on Frostmane, and quickly came over to Dragonmaw.

The Three Day War Edit

Not to be confused with a typical Arab-Jew war of the Middle East, but Krinn's tenure on Dragonmaw was short-lived.

Day One Edit

Elzira and Lav played together a lot. They did many heroics alongside each other, and then did Ulduar 10 hard modes with Senya. They succesfully obtained Starcaller as well as the Rusted Proto-Drake. After the raid, they also did many 2v2 Arena games together, with hopes on achieving 1800.

Day Two Edit

File:PSOT lavarmory.PNG

Elzira logged on, and did more arena games with Lav. Elzira also went to the Bezx pug, but Lav was not invited. Lav unfortunately decided to spend time in Dalaran, before logging off without a word later on.

Day Three Edit

Elzira logged on, and did more arena games with Lav. They successfull obtained Just the Two of Us: 1750 and bought their first pieces of first tier Wrathful weapons.

Later that night, Lav got into an argument with Senya and Elzira. Lav called Senya and Elzira bullies, and proceeded to transfer back to Frostmane.

All of these events occurred over three days.

Lav is still on Frostmane, but says he "refuses to show his title or use his Rusted Proto-Drake, because it reminds him of big of jerks Elzira and Senya are." Lav's word still holds true today, as he is never seen wearing his Starcaller title, holding onto his word. [/sarcasm]

Panii F@#$ Fest ICC10 Heroic Group Edit

File:PSOT spiderroom.png

Senya began to run a weekly 10-man ICC heroic group in order to promote 10-man progression, as well as obtain the Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player) achievement to get Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher mounts. Senya decided to pick up Elzira out of kindness, but used the excuse that it was solely for Replenishment. This 10-man was compromised of all <Bad> members, minus Elzira.

The group mainly consisted of the following: the old married couple Parsee and Vanii tanking; Parsee always yells at Vanii to taunt during Deathbringer, and Vanii would yell back. It was like listening to an episode of The Honeymooners. The healers would usually be Androgynous, Vyperr, and Kimjongilil, which one can relate to the old A-listing of TV sitcoms of Roseanne, Sister, Sister, and Boy Meets World. The melee DPS were always Decembre and Elzira, who would have a non-verbal communication and understanding on placement (namely for Heroic Festergut and Heroic Putricide); they both have ESB. The ranged DPS line-up would usually be Sanger, Fear, Glacius, and sometimes Vyperr as shadow. The ranged DPS was equivalent to eating a Black Cherry Extreme Warhead, it was explosive and satisfying.

The group name was created after <Bad> members Valid and Kaem. These two decided to have some steamy e-hook-ups (Moonguard-Alliance in Goldshire style, but IRL) every weekend. Valid would drive hours just to treat Kaem like the dainty woman that she was put out to be. These two eventually quit <Bad> and transferred to a new realm, to start a new, romantic life together. Lauramars joked that her and Sanger were going to spiral to a new realm, much like Valid and Kaem. Senya decided that our weekly ICC10 Heroic group would officially be like the Valid and Kaem hook-ups, thus, Panii F@#$ Fest was born.

After a month-and-a-half, Panii F@#$ Fest did indeed complete Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player), and are still continuing their weekly raids.

A tradition in Panii F@#$ Fest ICC10 is in the Spider Trash Room before Sindragosa, the song Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited would be blasted over Ventrilo. Lauramars was the first person to officially blast the song. This was done in order to alleviate the otherwise torturous room, to actually have some entertainment value to it. This tradition has spread to Bezx Pug, and soon is planned to be added to the official World of Warcraft Sound Database and be encoded in the actual raid instance.

Return of Lynelle Edit

File:PSOT bedjumping.png

After a long hiatus, Relyna has respiraled back into consistently playing WoW again. This has been a great boon to PSOT, as now it has more than one member. With all of PSOT's latest accomplishments, this is only solidifying the importance of the guild as a whole.

Boat Patrol Edit

Boat Patrol is the act of horde members camping the Theramore-Menethil Harbor boat, ganking Alliance that come near the docks, or on the boat itself. Methods of sniping poor lowbies on the docks is ideal, that way they have to run all the way back from the graveyard as a ghost. This is a favorite pastime of guild members Maulie and Tiffanie, who enjoy griefing the poor Alliance.
Psot boatpatrol

(From left to right) Maulie and Tiffanie standing strong; patrolling the boat from potential Alliance invaders.

History Edit

While leveling, Tiffanie was distraught at the status-quo of grinding and questing in a rush to 70. Along the way, Tiffanie made her way to Menethil Harbor, first just ganking around the docks. Eventually, she moved to the boat, and found out the Methodology of Boat Patrol. The popularity of this enticed Maulie to hop on the bandwagon, and made it a PSOT-favored pastime.

Methodology Edit

The beauty to Boat Patrol is that if you die on a boat en route to a new zone, you will be resurrected as soon as the boat changes zones, allowing a never-ending gankfest to ensue for endless hours.

Various Conflict Edit

When Maulie decided to begin to log Potato Sack of Tomatoes events and history, he organized the guild to help contribute to the growth of the article. Unfortunately, members Tiffanie and Krinn decided against it. The WoWWiki conflict is a real-time drama that is helping contribute to a second Rapture of Potato Sack of Tomatoes, with Krinn having his eyes on Silly Hats Only.

The Patriot Act Edit

On the eve of September 8th, 2008, Maulie initiated the Patriot Act, which subordinates that all Potato Sack of Tomatoes members have lost their guild liberties. The guild bank has been henceforth locked, and all members now have to clock-in on the guild website whenever they login to World of Warcraft, for their own protection of course. The act was written to ensure the survival of patriotism in Potato Sack of Tomatoes.

The Death of Krinn Edit

Krinn was minding his own business when all of the sudden a giant meteor struck Dragonmaw! Inside the capsule, a new challenger, and future PSOT member, was Valroft, who was a T6 protection paladin. Distraught and emasculated, Krinn whined about his e-manhood being taken away, as with the introduction of Valroft (and the upcoming healer replacement Caylex) he believed he lost his role as a tank in general. And so with a crushed heart, Krinn stripped off all of his gear and logged out in Molten Core naked: his old stomping grounds back in his glory days.

The Birth of Acra Edit

And then five minutes later, Krinn logged onto his level 65 troll warrior and announced he was going to be a fury DPS warrior in WOTLK. Problem solved; conflict adverted; another PSOT victory added to its long line of success.

The Death of Acra Edit

And then five minutes later, Krinn began to whine how Caylex and Valroft are taking his roles in WOTLK. He continued to whine saying he still liked Krinn, and that Caylex is a greedy, selfish prude. Valroft didn't care. Caylex got annoyed, and passed the Annex Krinn; Rid Valroft Act which involved prejudice behavior to Tiffanie whenever she played Valroft. Eventually, Valroft gave in, and transferred his 70 warlock under the name Tiffanie so everything was good again. Acra had a short life due to Krinn being addicted to epics. His measure of worth is by the measure of his gear, so he had to cling onto Krinn without being insecure.

The Birth/Death of Krinn Edit

So Krinn decided that it was finally time to tank again! He happily tanked top-end raid instances, and was a champ. But little did PSOT know, Krinn turns into the Hulk whenever he tanks. Extreme drama and rage in both guild chat and ventrilo soon followed as Krinn whined about the stresses of tanking, making everyone in the guild feel worthless. Finally, Krinn decided that he didn't want to be a Paladin anymore, so he was quitting to reroll a Death Knight in WOTLK.

The Birth/Death of Lus Edit

Krinn decided that he was a pro at being a Death Knight after doing the 55-58 intro quests on WOTLK beta, so he ultimately mandated that he was going to reroll a Death Knight come November 13th named Lus. Not only was he made fun of and expected to be called "Lust", he began to read wordy strategy guides on effecient Death Knight DPS rotations. Eventually, Maulie convinced him that he wasn't so spiteful when he was a healer, so he should just stick to what he's good at.

The Death of Krinn (Not Even A Birth) Edit

Krinn played holy spec for two days then rewaffled and said "fux dis I'm a death knight champ"

Lus Got Sold Edit

So shortly after Krinn decided that his holy paladin wasn't worth playing anymore, he decided to continue playing Lus. He played Lus through the duration of Power of Friendship, until Caylex's abrupt disappearance. Determined, Krinn continued to play Lus, for two days.

All went downhill after two days. Amidst a POF Naxxramas run, Krinn decided to leave in the middle of the raid, that he was leading, to go hang out with his friend. Shortly after, POF died, and Krinn became apathetic about WoW, and sold his account for $200 ala Louisiana Purchase; Mini Tyrael alone is well worth more than ~$1000 today.

Krinn buys WoW again Edit


The Birth of Senya/Yuka Edit

Reimu got sick of having a battle res, so he rolled and presently mains a female troll enhancement shaman who is much more widely accepted amongst the crowd unlike the deceased Inku.

The Second Rapture of PSOT: The Great Schism Edit

And so after the infamous Drak'tharon drama-palooza, PSOT has yet again split apart and its members has gone its separate ways. Caylex decided that after his break, from World of Warcraft and Power of Friendship, that it was time to try things out again. Of course, during the three month downtime, only members Relyna, Kinkyfox, Krinn, and Caylex had kept in contact; Yuka transferred back to Dragonmaw to hang with Bad again.

The question is, what are they doing now?

Tiffanie Edit

The outspoken, shenanigan-enabler of the group has gone missing. This may have been at fault of Caylex and Relyna from neglecting and denying Tiffanie's newfound openness (which was a bitter taste compared to Tiffanie's old persona) but regardless, Tiffanie's whereabouts are mostly unknown. It's assumed that she still is online dwelling in private server antics with WoWscape and other illegal schemes.

Kinkyfox Edit

Everyone's favorite Queens guy had left for boot camp shortly after the Drak'tharon drama-palooza. He now is leveling a retribution paladin on Emerald Dream, but is currently stationed out in Anchorage, Alaska in the Coast Guard.

Krinn Edit

Krinn has mostly stayed around the scenes, but has been mostly focusing on school. Determined to get a 4.0, he has taken a break from the bustling internet life. He currently has a level 60 retribution paladin on Emerald Dream.

Senya Edit

PSOT lastyuka

Senya's final moments acknowleding PSOT on an equal level.

Senya has the most tragic end to them all. Shortly after Caylex announced his departure and/or possible break from WoW in Mount Hyjal, Senya decided it would be easier to completely cut out PSOT from his life.

About a month later, Relyna and Caylex decided to check up on Senya, and surprise him by transferring back to Dragonmaw to see how he was doing. Seeing that Caylex had already seen the inner horrors of Bad, and told Senya all about them, PSOT was oblivious to the metamorphosis that had happened with Senya in his short time with Bad. Caylex and Relyna were instantly treated with the cold shoulder, and were neglected from acknowledgment. Apparently, ever since Senya had transferred back, he had been scapegoating all of his bad image back onto PSOT (namely Caylex and Relyna, with their Phlowbie antics) to further his ambitions of getting a good, stable raiding guild. And, of course, Senya succeeded; he alienated the rest of PSOT, and is now following the footsteps of Caylex and Lus by participating in the server first kill of Yogg-Saron with Bad.

Senya is considered a lost cause to the surviving portion of PSOT; chances of redeeming his once sober reputation of annoying house wife are minimal. The only way Senya could redeem himself is by getting an autograph of Phlowbie and mailing it to Caylex and Relyna. It is worthy to note that even though no one has seen a picture of Senya, Krinn plans on meeting up with him at Blizzcon 2009, which should ensue immense hilarity.

Caylex & Relyna Edit

Caylex and Relyna have kept the tradition of PSOT living on; even during their absented period of Xbox Live, they managed to keep the antics living on. The two also shortly returned to transfer back to their alleged home on Dragonmaw only to be alienated. Caylex and Relyna eventually rerolled Alliance to escape the past horrors and trainwreck that is PSOT.

Niaqin and Cupana Edit

PSOT niaqincupana

Niaqin and Cupana: the new faces of PSOT

While not being serious in the beginning, Relyna and Caylex decided to reroll new characters. They now are level 80, and are back to being known as Caylex and Relyna, on the server Arthas.

Biography Edit

A short biography of notable PSOT members,

Maulie (Diagas) 
Original rogue master. Champion of PSOT. Often the nagging voice of PSOT to make sure things are getting done. While leveling to 70, Maulie often would accompany Tiffanie on her original boat patrol ventures. Received PSOT's first and only Swift Zulian Tiger from Zul'Gurub. Also achieved Realm First! Magic Seeker as Caylex, with the guild Bad on Dragonmaw. Now often plays his priest Caylex paladin Caylex druid Marcie/Foxsquire/Clawdie priest Caylex to accomodate a square of supremacy alongside Trelorn, Krinn, and Relyna with their quest to be the super top ultra uber DPS duo. Faetrix as she tops the meters in every run, while being on crutches, barely playing WoW at all anymore.
Tiffanie (TBM) 
Most dedicated PSOT member. Orchestrates many of PSOT's gag events, and takes pride in causing havoc on Alliance. She is usually the appointed webmaster, and made PSOT's original temp site. She is known for her astounding ability to play a class well, when determined. She has been known as "the sponge" because of this. Tiffanie has since quit WoW, and now makes scripts for Private WoW servers.
Reis (Krinn) 
Official PSOT raid leader, but also the worst PSOT member. Often tries to leave for elitist raiding guilds for his own personal agenda. Often gets into conflict with Maulie on issues of progression. Known for his legendary healing abilities, his skills come with a large ego. He is currently the main tank of PSOT, as Reimu is AWOL. He currently plays his troll warrior Deila.
Reimu (Draike) 
Official whiner of PSOT. Does nothing but whine. He often sides with Krinn, and whines about the lack of PSOT progression in raids. He made a new shadow priest, Inku, which no one likes, and is trying to retire his tanking role. He now doesn't communicate with PSOT anymore, and mainly plays his female troll enhancement shaman Senya.
Bunnyshock (Elune) 
Official traitor to PSOT. Wasn't liked by anyone, and he was really annoying. Pretended to be a girl for six years, and made stupid arguments daily. He left PSOT and Frostmane to go pursue his failure gnome mage on Emerald Dream.
Kinkyfox (Colin) 
Official drunk of PSOT. He has a thick New York accent, and flaunts it like a madman. He endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton in her run for the Democratic nominee for president. He often was the off-tank for raiding instances, but he's usually absent. He is twenty, and has oppressive parents that limit his game time. He currently is off on leave for the Coast Guard, but is expected back soon to tank for PSOT soon again.
Relyna (JD) 
Official RET PALLY DPS ASSASSINATION COMBAT ROGUE DPS of PSOT! He packs a punch of retribution paladin assassination combat rogue power into every raid. Often tops the DPS charts alongside Maulie and Trelorn Caylex nobody. He's the mediator of PSOT, and tries to get everyone to get along. He often quotes, "ONLY WITH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!", when things get controversial or hostile.

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