This article is a guild information page for Phoenix Order of Llane US.

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Phoenix Order is best described as a casual end-game raiding guild. We are currently in a raiding alliance with the Guardians of Stormwind, with whom we have successfully gone through ZG (all but Jindo on farm), and downed Rag for the first time on 9/16/06. While PO is generally a PvE guild, many of our members participate in PvP (group or otherwise), especially on non-raid nights. Our members are mostly older with working/family schedules, though we do have a variety of students within our ranks. Phoenix Order provides a fun, friendly environment, with the goal of experiencing all content World of Warcraft has to offer (but we are in no rush to get there). While we have members of all levels, we are not a leveling guild or a twink guild.

Phoenix Order is not actively recruiting at this time, though we may consider applicants if we like the cut of your jib. You can contact one of our officers if you are interested.

Cipro: Guild Leader; Dudeoronomy: Assistant Guild Leader; Aurede: Officer; Cgiy: Officer; Rockndruid: Officer; Tinylock: Officer; Syrue: Officer

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