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Alliance 32 Server:Laughing Skull Europe

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Details Edit

Phoenix Legacy is a European wide Alliance guild on the Realm Laughing Skull, with many Scandinavian, English and also some Croatian, Bulgarian and German players. As latest, Phoenix Legacy also features some Russian players. So, all kinds of booze available!

Guild Motto Edit

"Phoenix Legacy does not piss! (...or at least, piss and wipe!)"

History Edit

Guild was founded from a circle of friends knowing each other straight from the times of Everquest, but also fresh blood has been recruited and RL friends came to make up the bunch of endgame PvE-Guild they are nowadays. Though friendship and of course fun are one of the main goals of Phoenix Legacy, PvE progress is essential. For ages Phoenix Legacy is known as one of the best Alliance Guild on the Server Laughing Skull, either in PvE, but also feared in PvP. Experienced players with an adequate dedication towards the game are the heart of the guild additionally to competent and highly reachable officers.

After the patch release of Before the Storm Phoenix Legacy took a break from the normal raiding routine due to several bugged encounters and failed attempts on encounters that had farming status for almost one year.

"The Burning Crusades comes and your life to an end" These menacing words may scare some heroes, but definitely not the veterans of Phoenix Legacy. The Dark Portal has opened its gates and demonic worlds are out there to conquer. With a new challenge in sight, Phoenix Legacy has returned after two months of break, the blades are sharpened, the spells are ready and the totems are set up to feast on any opponent.

After the exhausting trial to reach level 70, Phoenix Legacy decided to make a short visit to Karazhan and meet Medivh, but sadly enough no grand wizard was there, just some creeps trying to delay the progress and inhibt us from the booze reserves. Of course neither constantly nor successful. At least the entertainment was pretty decent…

On completion of Karazhan a new goal, named Magtheridon, has come into focus of Phoenix Legacy. The former ruler of Outland might think, that a prison is a good idea to hide, but Phoenix Legacy will teach him his lesson. You can run, you can’t hide, no survive…

Progress Edit

Before the Storm Edit

Progression Phoenix Legacy "Before the Storm"

The Burning Crusade Edit

Karazhan Edit

Status: Cleared - farm status
Attumen the Huntsman: First Kill - February 4th 2007
Moroes: First Kill - February 5th 2007
Maiden of Virtue: First Kill - February 5th 2007
Opera Event: Romulo-Julia: First Kill - February 9th 2007
Opera Event: Wizard of Oz: First Kill - February 6th 2007
Opera Event: Lil Red Hood: First Kill - February 15th 2007
The Curator: First Kill - February 10th 2007
Terestian Illhoof: First Kill - February 10th 2007
Shade of Aran: First Kill - February 13th 2007
Netherspite: First Kill - February 23th 2007
Prince Malchezaar: First Kill - February 27th 2007
Nightbane: First Kill - March 16th 2007

Gruul's Lair Edit

Status: Cleared - farm status
High King Maulgar: First Kill - March 5th 2007 First Kill Screencap
Gruul the Dragonkiller: First Kill - April 3rd 2007 First Kill Screencap

Magtheridon's Lair Edit

Status: Cleared - no farm status
Magtheridon: First Kill - May 1st 2007 First Kill Screencap

Serpentshrine Cavern Edit

Status: Progressing
Hydross the Unstable: First Kill - May 30th 2007
The Lurker Below
Leotheras the Blind
Fathom-Lord Karathress
Morogrim Tidewalker
Lady Vashj


Latest Progress Edit

In times where a few brave men stood against the armies of a thousand demons that trying to descend upon the world of the living, Phoenix Legacy make their stand and as for death in the dungeons is the greatest honor to achieve, they keep on fighting. After Magtheridon lying dead in his trembled prison, new goals are set. Dark tides are rising and the Cavern of Lady Vashj is the aim they are reaching to, so rattle with your scales, your days are counted. Phoenix Legacy will come and your live to an end...

Recruitment Edit

For further information check the application sectionon our forum.

Open spots (update of June 1st 2007):

1x Druid (Feral Combat)

Links Edit

Website: Phoenix Legacy Homepage

Movies: Phoenix Legacy in Blackwing Lair (credits to Gwinn)

Last update: June 01st 2007