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About Phoenix BloodEdit

Phoenix Blood is a light roleplaying guild for the Horde on the Feathermoon server. Founded by the Mage Miss Mytsuko Lamia and the Deathknight, (former Warlock) Velsharoon, Phoenix Blood guildmates are strong friends with giving, unselfish attitudes within Azeroth and Outlands. However, due too Phoenix Blood strong bonds with each other - Beware to those who intend to bring them ill will.

The guild was founded August 31 2005.

Guild History Edit

Originally came from the alliance side, known as Phoenix Tears. Evarella Lamia former guildmate of Phoenix Tears joined the ranks of the forsaken and from that point forward began her new life as Mytsuko Lamia. Mytsuko Lamia conjured her guild, Phoenix Blood in memory of her former life.

Paving the way with her overseer Velsharoon (who has been known to be carrying his own agenda), Phoenix Blood grew strong and loyal to each other. Fighting alongside with each other has fostered deep bonds of friendship between the guild. For many of the members, Phoenix Blood has become their family within the lands of Azeroth and Outlands.

Guild Officers Edit

High Archmage Edit

  • Mytsuko Lamia

Overseer Edit

  • Fylth
  • Indurain
  • Kustuon

References Edit

Phoenix Blood The guild website.

World of Warcraft Armory

In-game channels - PBFriends: for all the people who are friends with PB and as well as raid with them

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