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Overview Edit

Phoenix is a guild that caters for people who are not able to raid on a heavy schedule but still wish to see end game content. We raid two nights a week, Monday and Thursday, for which attendance is compulsory.

Because we do not raid as frequently we do expect these two nights to be taken seriously and consumable/reading preparation to be undertaken by all guild members to ensure we make the most out of the time we have available.

Phoenix is a relatively small and close-knit community and as such we expect members to have good communication skills, a microphone and the will to use it is a big plus. It is also worth noting that the members we do have are very dedicated, both to the raiding nights we run and to the social element of the guild.

Raiding Progress Edit

Eye (Tempest Keep)

Serpentshrine Cavern

The most up to date progress can be viewed on the Official Page

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Monday, 20:00 Server
  • Tuesday, 20:00 Server

Officers Edit

Abbey, Guild Master 
Contact for general information.

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